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       Tida steel lathe

Tida model TD6B precision inch and metric lathe.

15" swing over bedways, 9" swing over cross slide, 24" swing over gap, 11 1/2" width of bed, 2 1/16" spindle bore, D1-6" spindle nose camlock, 80 to 2020 RPM spindle speeds, 5 hp. spindle motor, 4 MT. tailstock, 42 inch centers, coolant system with pump and splash guard, electronic foot brake, 4 jaw 10" diameter chuck, 3 jaw 8 inch diameter chuck, 12 inch faceplate, steady rest, follow rest, square toolpost and tooling.

Approximate weight is 3150 lbs.

Electrical is 550 volts, 3 phase, 60 cycle. 


Antique 1800's wood lathe, 14-foot long, 20" swing, with three toolrest 47", 27", and 24", with three faceplates 12", 10", and 5", with two 12" safety loops, with steady rest, with four tool holders, with live center in tailstock, with spur center in headstock, lathe bed is two 8 1/2" x 5 1/2" x 14' long oak beams on 15 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 32" beam legs, tailstock has a very nice 10" handwheel, was originally driven by a waterwheel with a line shaft, flat belt drive pulleys are made of wood, asking $1200.

   Antique Treadle Grinding Wheel

Antique treadle grinding wheel, it weighs 70 lbs. with 18" diameter griding wheel, asking $420.

Hobbies Treadle Fretsaw Scrollsaw

Antique treadle fretsaw scrollsaw, made by Hobbies, complete with original paint and stenciling, in excellent working condition, (Sold).

1885 Millers Falls Treadle Lathe

Millers Falls treadle Companion Lathe made 1885-1922, with grinder on side and scroll saw attachment, (Sold). https://oldtoolheaven.com/treadle-tools/treadle-tools.htm                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

   1920 Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co.

Hit & Miss Engine

Antique Fuller & Johnson Mfg. Co. Madison Wis.1920 Hit & Miss engine #175613, HP. 2, Model NC, RPM 600, asking $800.

       1921 Curtis Compressor

Antique Curtis Compressor

Antique 1921 Curtis Compressor St. Louis #LB485A, size 3" x 3 1/2", with Patent dates Aug. 31, 1915, Nov. 30, 1915, Nov. 14, 1916, Nov. 8, 1921, ran with a flat belt, asking $220.


                      Foley Belsaw Circular Saw Grinder Model 360

  Foley Belsaw Circular Saw Grinder Model 360, It sharpens blades up to 42-inch diameter. (Sold).


      Milwaukee Die Grinder

 Milwaukee heavy duty die grinder, model 5195,    asking $140.

       Milwaukee Sawzall

      Milwaukee sawzall, model 6507, asking $50.

     Milwaukee Jobsite Radio

Milwaukee 120v. jobsite radio #49-24-0280, it uses the older model 12v to 28v lithium-ion batteries and works great pluged in, (Sold).                                      

             Walker Turner Grinder

Vintage industrial Walker Turner Driver Line Rockwell  heavy duty grinder with wheel dresser. It weighs about 50 lbs. asking $520.

     Milwaukee sliding miter saw

 Milwaukee 12" sliding compound miter saw, model   #6955-20 with folding stand on wheels, (Sold)

           Delta Jointer

6" Delta jointer with 1/2 hp. Motor,  (Sold)


        Steel Metal Scroll Bender

Heavy duty metal bender with heavy duty stand and all the necessary dies, scroll attachment, (Sold). 


            Spindle Moulder

Small cast iron table top spindle moulder with two different moulding cutter heads with removable blades, has 5/8 inch spindle, has a triple pulley with bearings in good shape, measures 18 inches wide by 16 inches deep by 6 1/2 inches high. Its pretty heavy duty for a small machine, it weighs about 55 lbs. asking $100.

       Steel horizontal bandsaw

Craftsman, cast iron, tabletop, 6" horizontal steel cutting bandsaw, model #10822920, has no motor, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

Beaver Radial Drill Press

      Beaver Rockwell radial drill press,                           serial #49321, with stand, (Sold).                                                                                                                                    

      General Band Saw

 General Mfg. Co. Ltd. industrial band saw,, serial   #19E1096, comes with fence & miter slide, 14"   throat, 7 1/4" cutting depth,  120 volts, Made in   Drummenville, Que. (Sold).

    General Drill Press

 General Mfg. Co. Ltd. industrial drill press, serial   #34E2159, 10 speeds, 120 volts, 10" x 11" table, Made in Drummenville, Que.   (Sold).

  Rockwell Delta Sander

 Rockwell Delta industrial 12" disc & 6" belt           sander, model #31-710, serial # E11462,             comes with lots of new 6" x 48" sanding                 belts & 12" sanding disc, Made in Pitsburg,               PA. USA,   (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        


Industrial, very heavy, 16" Dewalt cabinet makers radial arm saw, with two 16" blades and one dado blade, 220 volt, (Sold)


Antique industrial factory 10" tablesaw with fence, it weighs about 400 lbs. It's in good working condition, asking $620.


1945 Henry Power Tools Tablesaw

Vintage 1945 Craftmaster 8 1/4" tabletop circular saw by Henry Power Tools Limited, London Ontario, serial #19291, it has a nice cast iron fence system, no motor, asking $80.

   Two Industrial 24" Scroll Saws

  Two Delta Rockwell 24" throat, Industrial scroll   saws, model # 40-440 & 40-416, 120 volts, (Sold)

      King 15" Planer

King model KC-380 15" industrial planer, 2 hp. 220 volt asking $820. 

           Vintage Steel Lathe

Small vintage bench model steel lathe with custom wood turning attachments on it, asking $1200.

       Wood Lathe Attachments

 Wood lathe attachments, steady rest, 6-inch 4-jaw   chuck, 8-inch face plate, spur drive, live center,       6", 15", and 24" tool rest, tool rest holders, (Sold).

   1921 Myers Drill Press

1921 Myers Machine Tool, Columbia Pa. Drill press,  http://vintagemachinery.org/mfgindex/imagedetail.aspx?id=5410  weighs about 50 lbs.  (Sold).

   Gil-Bilt Belt Sander Plans #431

          Complete Gil-Bilt belt sander plans.

   Gil-Bilt 6" x 24" Belt Sander Kit

Vintage N.O.S. Complete Gil-Bilt 6" x 24" belt sander parts kit to build your own belt sander. Comes with 6 brand new 6" x 24" sanding belts. Made by Gilliom Mfg. Inc. in St. Charles, Mo. The complete kit weighs only 15 lbs. for shipping, (Sold).

Gil-Bilt Belt Sander Blueprint

Full scale blueprint of the wood pieces needed to build the Gil-Bilt 6" x 24" belt sander.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

        Professional Potter's Wheel

 Heavy duty professional potters wheel, electric 120   volts, 11" diameter wheel, foot switch, (Sold).

         Sheet Metal Bending Brake

 Antique 36" sheet metal bending brake, heavy duty   model made of solid steel and cast iron feet, it   weighs about 60 lbs. (Sold).

         Machinist rotary table

 Van Norman Co. Springfield Mass. USA,                 serial #2L-1883, Machinist rotary table with                       12" diameter top, It weighs about 130 lbs.                                    (Sold). 

             Yale Chainfall

 Vintage Yale spur geared 1/2 ton chainfall,                        asking $120.

              I-Beam Trolleys

1.) CM series 632 one ton capacity trolley, asking $80.
2.) Vintage 1/2 ton capacity beam trolley, asking $40.

      CM Walking Trolley

CM series 639 one ton capacity geared walking beam trolley, asking $220.

        Antique Power Hacksaw

Antique power hacksaw with cast iron legs, with vice, very heavy, uses 14" blades, works good, it has a small motor that runs it, (Sold)

          Antique Roller Press

Antique hand crank roller press for bending and forming steel radius, it weighs 80 lbs. (Sold).

 Antique Treadle Steel Lathe

Antique W.F. & J. Barnes Lathe which was bought from A.R. Williams Machinery Co. Ltd. in Toronto, Ontario Canada, was originally a treadle steel lathe, missing flywheel pulley, treadle peddles, and seat. Was last used with a line shaft that was ran with a water wheel. asking $820.                                                                                                                                                                     

           Craftsman Router

Craftsman Router model #315.17360, double insulated, 100% ball bearing, 25000 RPM.  $50.

    Ingersoll Rand Needle Scaler

Ingersoll Rand Needle Scaler

Ingersoll Rand series 172 heavy duty air powered pneumatic chisel needle scaler, asking $120.

        Shop-King Jig-Saw

 Vintage Shop-King portable Jig-Saw,                                 drill operated, asking $20.                                                                                                                   

     Sioux 6 1/4" Heavy Duty Saw

Vintage industrial Sioux 6 1/4" heavy duty circular saw with carbide blade, Model 62505, Cat. No. RC1806, 8 amps, 5300 no-load RPM, it weighs about 15 lbs. Albertson & Company Inc. Sioux City Iowa, (Sold).

        Sioux 1/2" Electric Drill

Vintage industrial Sioux 1/2" electric drill with chuck key, 400 no-load RPM, 4.5 amps, Cat. No. RC-1832A, Model 15041A, it weighs about 10 lbs. Albertson & Company Inc. Sioux City Iowa, in good working condition, $75.

   Sioux Grinder Sander

Vintage Industrial Sioux 7" High Speed Heavy Duty Sander, Grinder, 1267 Cat. No., 9 Amp, 4250 RPM, With a removeable guard and a 7" diamond blade, it weighs about 19 lbs. Albertson & Company Inc. Sioux City Iowa, in good working condition, $85.                                                                 

           Sioux Orbital Sander

Vintage Sioux orbital sander, Cat. No. 1850, amps 1.5, RPM 4000, 3 1/2" x 7" sanding pad, Albertson & Company Inc. Sioux City Iowa, it weighs about 6 lbs. It's in good working condition, asking $40.

        Industrial 4" Cut-Off Tool

Vintage industrial long shaft 4" cut-off tool, it is missing the name plate, it's in working condition but could use a new cord, it takes up to a 4" blade or grinding wheel, asking $30.

      Sioux 1/2" Impact

Vintage industrial Sioux 1/2" impact, 4.5 amps, Serial no. 83742, model no. 330, it doesn't work, it weighs about 9 lbs. Albertson & Company Inc. Sioux City Iowa, asking $20.                                                                                                        

  1971 Black & Decker #7301 Saw

Grandpa's Black & Decker circular saw model #7301, 1 hp; 9 amps, still like new, not a scratch, grandpa bought it in 1971 and barely used it, asking $30.

   Black & Decker Rotary Hammer

 Vintage Black & Decker Rotary Jack Hammer #718 with one bit and case, just test drilled through the rock in the picture, (Sold).                                                                            

  Freud Biscuit Jointer

Freud Biscuit Joiner in good working condition, Model JS100A, with case, no attachments, case measures 16" x 14" x 6 1/2" (Sold).

         Craftsman Router Table

Craftsman router table #9-24179 Model #171-25443, it measures 18" x 13" x 11" high, with cast aluminum top and  dust collector attachment, it weighs about   12 lbs. asking $40.

        WEN Power Planer #930

WEN 2" electric power hand planer #930 with extra blades, asking $75.

     Arrow Brad Nail Gun

Arrow ET100M electric brad nail gun, use Arrow BN1810 5/8", BN1812 3/4", BN1816 1", 18 gauge brads, used once, like new condition, $30. 

        Hammer Style Grain Mill  

              W-W Grinder Inc.

It is in good condition, very heavy duty, needs a 5 hp. Motor, great for making grain feed or compost and topsoil for a greenhouse. (Sold).

       Model #555-14-4E


     1970's Rockwell JLO L372-1

     Generator 7.5 PGU 720 MG-5

Vintage 1970's Rockwell JLO motor and generator, type L3721, D-2080, Hubr. 37.2 Mot. NR. 372358544, Motorenwerk GMBH Pinneberg, Mobiloil TT  (Sold). Verwenden Markenol-Wie, Made in West Germany, 

    Made in West Germany


               1500 Watts Power Inverter

        MotoMaster Eliminator

1500 watts mobile power inverter, converts 12 volts DC battery to 120 volts AC household electrical power. Like new, works good, with quick connect battery cables, it has two 120 volts AC plug-ins, one USB charging port to charge your phone or i-pad, (Sold).

12 Volts DC to 120 Volts AC


    Adjustable A-Frame Tow Bar

Adjustable A-Frame tow bar, 5000 lbs. capacity, with quick release pins, for a 2" ball, (Sold).

        ATV Snowplow 4' Blade

  Heavy ATV snowplow 4' blade with bracket, (Sold).                                             

     United Power 1300 GG       

New United Power GG 1300 Watt 87CC 2.4HP Gas Generator, (Sold)

      Machine Steel Frame Stand

Steel frame machine stand, it measures 30" x 16 1/2", the height is ajustable and it has the holes for casters on the bottom. (Sold).

     Heavy Duty Machine Stand

 Heavy duty Machine stand made with 2" square tubing with metal shroud, it measures about 44" x 20" x 29 1/2" high and 46" high with metal shroud. It has a 7" roller at each end. (Sold).

    Steel Frame with Casters

Heavy Duty Steel Welded Frame with casters, measures 46 inches by 35 1/2 inches and is 4 inches high with the casters. It is made with 1 1/2 by 2 inch angle iron. Was used for moving heavy machines and for the center of my truck bed as a rolling platform with a plywood on it. (Sold)                                                                   

     Industrial Steel Table Stand

 Vintage steel industrial table stand, it measures       25 1/2" x 12 5/8" x 18 1/2", it weighs about 30 lbs.   (Sold).

         Heavy Duty Steel Cart

Heavy duty steel cart, It has 8" diameter casters with greese fittings, 2 swivel and 2 are stationary. Its made of 3/8" thick galvanized angle iron bolted together to take apart easy. Inside measures 24" x 80", was used to move a 2 ton steel lathe around the shop.  (Sold).

   Machine Mover Casters

Four machine movers with 3 swivel casters on each one. The centers are able to hold 6" diameter. They are made to stay close to the ground. $120. for the 4.

  Dyna products mortice & tenoner machines with hydraulic assembly press also, asking $15,000.

Used for making log furniture, log house railings, etc..

7' x 12' trailer with side rails that turn into side ramps, with back 5' x 5' tailgate ramp, (Sold).


Army style 4' x 9' heavy duty farm trailer, 10 ply tires 7.5 - 20" asking $520.


Office Trailer 10' x 50'

Office Trailer 10' x 50'

   50' x 10' mine office trailer, 2 5/16" hitch, $12,000.

Office Trailer 10' x 50'



  2012 Polaris Sportsman 500 H.O.  

Great machine to go hunting with, no problems, starts and runs well, low mileage.
Lightly used by my neighbor a little old man, maybe not that little, but old for sure.
Swamp light wheel kit, 1 1/2 wheel spacers, winch, 2 up seats, front & back bumpers, windshield, LED lights, front & rear gun rack, hitch, and have the service manual, light ATV tarp cover, new battery, (Sold).


1947 International kb5 ..with 1985 F350 diesel powertrain totally redone 14 yrs ago and was last appraised in 2008 at $15,000. (Sold).


     1964 International 4x4 diesel           6L bus engine with turbo 5 speed transmission.        Has dump box, runs and drives. Needs some work          for safety and clutch is stuck, (Sold).