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                    Grandma's Antique, Vintage & Retro Cookware & Dishes

               French Roll Pan

Antique 1880 Barstow Stove Co. Prov. R,I. cast iron french roll pan, measures 13 3/4" x 8 1/8" x 1 3/8", weighs 6 1/2 lbs. (Sold).

         Danish Apple Cake Pan

Antique cast iron Danish apple cake pan, it measures 10 3/4" x 7 3/8" x 1 3/4", (Sold).                                   

      Cookie or Soap Pan

  Antique cookie or soap cast iron pan, it measures         9" x 8" x 3/4", (Sold).                                                                                   

        Dutch Poffertjes Pan

  Antique Dutch Poffertjes cast iron 9" pan               with 19  dimples, (Sold).

         Wagner Ware Muffin Pan

  Antique  Wagner Ware cast iron muffin pan,         Made in  USA, 11" x 7 3/4" x 1 1/2", (Sold).                                                                                                         

     Antique Muffin Pan

Antique no-name cast iron muffin pan, it measures about 11 1/4" x 7 3/4" x 1 3/4", (Sold).                                                                                                                                           

          Griswold Double Broiler

Rare vintage The Griswold MFG. Co. Erie PA. double broiler #875 and #876, (Sold).

         Wabi Double Handle

 Wabi double handle nickel plated cast iron 17 3/4" x 10 1/2"  x 2" high, it weighs about 20 lbs. (Sold).

   Gurney #9 Cauldron Pot

 1892 Gurney #9 cast iron cauldron with 3 legs,             10 1/2" dia. x 7 1/2" high,  (Sold).

         Wagner Ware Skillets

1.) Wagner Ware #8, 10" x 2"  skillet, $50. 
2.) Wagner Ware #8, 10" x 1 3/4"  skillet, (Sold).
3.) Wagner Ware Sidney #6, 9" x 2",  skillet, (Sold).
4.) Wagner Ware Sidney 6 1/2" x 1 1/2"  (Sold).

       Klafrestrom Dutch Ovens

 Three antique green Klafrestrom dutch ovens,             Made of heavy porcelian enameled cast iron,       Made in Sweden, (Sold).

      Cast Iron Bacon Press

Cast Iron bacon or panini press, (Sold)

      Griswold Corn Bread Pans

1.) #273 Griswold crispy corn stick pan Erie PA. USA 930, cast iron cornbread pan, 13" x 5 3/4", asking $55.
2.) #262 Griswold crispy corn stick pan Erie PA. USA 625, cast iron cornbread pan, 8 1/2" x 4", (Sold).

    B.S. & R. #74H Corn Stick Pan

Handy Dan Cornstick Pan #74H, Made by Birmingham Stove & Range, Co. Made in USA, cast iron corn bread pan with handle, measures 11" x 6 1/2", (Sold) 

  1934 Favorite Cook Ware

Chicago HDWE FDRY Co. Favorite Cook Ware #3  from the Chicago Hardware Foundry Company in Illinois 6 1/2" x 1 3/8" cast iron skillet (Sold).

  #3 & #8 Findlay Carleton Place

1.) #3 Findlay Carleton Place Ont. 6" x 1 1/2", (Sold).
2.) #8 Findlay Carleton Place Ont. 10" x 2", (Sold).

      Vintage Wood Handled Ware

Vintage wood handled cast iron frying pan and cast aluminum griddle, asking $20. each.

      Smart Brockville, Ont.

1915 Smart Brockville, Ont. #8 diamond G logo,              10" x 2" skillet, (Sold). 

        Lodge Breakfast Griddle

Vintage Lodge 12" square griddle, asking $50.

            Paula Deen Griddle

 Paula Deen hammered cast iron oval griddle, (Sold). 

     Paula Deen Griddle

Paula Deen hammered cast iron 11" square griddle,         (Sold).

        McClary& GSW & Lodge

1.) McClary No. 3 drip top spider X-763, 6" x 1 3/8" skillet, (Sold).
2.) Lodge #3 with heat ring, 3 notch, 6 1/4" x 1 3/8",  skillet, (Sold).
3.) GSW  #3 Made in Canada 6" x 1 3/8" skillet (Sold)

          Wapak & Made in USA

1.) Lodge #10 with heat ring, 12" x 2 3/8", (Sold).
2.) Wapak #9 with heat ring, 11" x 2 1/4", (Sold).
3.) #8 Made in USA, heat ring 10 5/8" x 2 1/4" (Sold)


Holcroft cast iron skillet, 7 1/2" x 1 1/4",                          (Sold).                                                                                                                                                  

    Wagner-Griswold Dutch Oven

 Antique Wagner Ware & Griswold B, 5 quart dutch oven, Made in USA, embossed dual logo, it measures 10" dia. x 4" deep, no- lid,  (Sold).

         16 Qts. Corn Roast Pot

Antique S & P Co. Phila. 16 qts. Cast iron pot, used for outdoors corn roast, measures 14" dia. x 8" high,   wieghs about 16 lbs. Asking $45.

       25 Gallon Cauldron Pot 

 Large antique cast iron cauldron pot kettle,                     it measures 25" dia. x 14" high, it was used               for large corn roast last, (Sold).

               15" Dutch Oven

Antique 15" x 6 1/4" dutch oven, "No.18  X948" on bottom, weighs 32 lbs. (Sold).

       Cast Iron Dutch Oven Décor 

Antique 13", 12", 10", & 9" dia. Dutch ovens, holes in bottom of pots for drainage (good for flower pot decor) Asking $20. each

     10" Wagner Dutch Oven

Antique Wagner Ware Sidney -0-, 10" x 4"                     Dutch oven with no lid, (Sold).                                                          

   12" Dutch Oven with Coal Lid

Antique 12" dia. x 6" dutch oven with 3 feet, 1" lipped lid for hot coals, it weighs 21 lbs. (Sold)

      McClary #8 Dutch Oven

Antique McClary #8 drip-top dutch oven, 10" x 4", it weighs about 15 lbs. (Sold)

 McClary 4" Stove Damper

Antique #X842 McClary 4" cast iron stove chimney damper, Made in London, Ontario. (Sold).                                                             

           GSW #8 Dutch Oven

 Antique GSW #8 dutch oven, 10" dia. X  4" high, it weighs 9 1/2 lbs. (Sold). 

      Antique Cast Iron Ladles

1.) #4 Hollands Erie, PA. cast iron 17" ladle, (Sold).
2.) #4 PL170 cast iron 141/4" long ladle, (Sold).
3.) Cast iron & forged handle 14 1/4" long ladle (Sold).
4.) #3 Chicago Specialty MFG. Co. cast iron 12 3/4"  ladle, No. 3426, asking $40. (Not Pictured)

Favorite Ware #4 Scotch Bowl

 Favorite Ware #4  with diamond G logo,                        11" dia. X 4 1/2" high, (Sold).                                                      

   Unmarked Wagner Dutch Oven

Vintage Wagner Dutch oven, marked 5 QT. Made in USA H, 10" x 4", no-lid, (Sold).

     Unmarked 12 QT. Dutch Oven

Antique unmarked 12 Qt. Dutch oven with lid, 12" dia. x 5 1/2" high, it weighs 16 lbs. (Sold).

       Smart Brockville, Ont.

1915 Smart Brockville #9 diamond G logo,10 3/4" x 2" skillet, nickel plated cast iron, (Sold).

       Findlay #9 Dutch Oven

 Antique #9 Findlay 5 quart dutch oven, Made in   Canada,  it measures 11" dia. x 4 1/4" deep, (Sold).

           Findlay #8 Dutch Oven

Antique #8 Findlay 4 quart dutch oven with lid, Made in Canada, it measures 10" dia. x 4" deep, (Sold).

  Le Creuset #18 Sauce Pan

Vintage Le Creuset #18 blue porcelain enameled     cast iron sauce pan with lid, Made in France,                  7" dia. X 3" deep, (Sold).

     15" Hanging Flat Griddle

Antique 15" diameter hanging flat cast iron griddle, it   weighs 6 lbs. Has 14C on bottom, (Sold).

     Wolfgang Puck Dutch Oven

 Wolfgang Puck 3 quart cast iron dutch oven with lid,   8 1/2" diameter x 4" high, it weighs 9 lbs, (Sold).

    Findlay #8 & Lisser #3

1.) Antique Lisser Canada #3, 6"  x 1 1/2"                 cast iron skillet, (Sold).
2.)Antique Findlay Carleton Place Ont. 11" x 2"               cast iron skillet, (Sold).

      9 1/2" Wagner Sidney Ohio

 Wagner Sidney Ohio cast iron 9 1/2" square fat free fryer skillet, (Sold).

          Steel Wheel Pot Rack

 Hanging antique 19 " diameter steel wheel pot rack   It can hang down as much as 28", cast iron pans sold separately, asking $145.                              

   Antique Cast Iron Ladle

Huge antique cast iron 2-cups ladle, it measures              16" long and wieghs 3 1/4 lbs. (Sold).                                                                                                                

        Antique Steam Kettle

Antique Levis #9 huge cast iron steam kettle, it doesn't hold water, good for flower pot décor, $45.

         RWP Wilton Sauce Pan

Vintage RWP The Wilton Co. Armetale pewter, 4 1/2" sauce pan with pour spout, it has a rope rim & handle,  Asking $20.

     Antique cast Iron Pot

Antique cast iron pot, used for outdoors corn roast, measures 11" dia. x 7 1/2" high, wieghs about 10 lbs.          asking $45.

  1920's Coleman Cast Iron Stove

Antique cast iron coleman stove with copper tank, embossed "The Coleman Lamp & Stove Co. Ltd. Toronto Canada", it measures 20" x 13 1/2" x 5 5/8" high, 20 lbs. (Sold).

    Findlay's #23 Wood Stove

Antique Findlay's Ltd. Carleton Place, Ont. Favorite Box #23, it measures about 22" x 36" and has a 26" x 12" x 16" firebox, (Sold).


        Cast Iron Smelting Pots

1.) 8" dia. x 5" high, weighs 8 lbs. asking $50.
2.) 6 1/2" dia. x 4 " high, weighs 4 lbs. (Sold).              Hollands #6 Erie, PA. USA  
3.) 6" dia. x 4" high, weighs 4 1/2 lbs. (Sold).
4.) 4 3/4" dia. x 4" high, weighs 4 lbs. asking $40.

         Antique Copper Boiler

 Antique copper boiler with lid and has wood handles, measures 22" x 12" x 13 1/2" tall, (Sold).    


      Cordial Decanter Glass Set

    Antique Cordial decanter glass set, asking $85.

            Antique Tea Kettles

1.) Antique 9 1/4" diameter copper tea kettle, $35.
2.) Antique 8 1/2" diameter aluminum tea kettle,(Sold)

       Fire King Coffee Cups

Vintage Fire King Anchor Hocking stackable                   coffee cups, (Sold).

     1952 Knowles Bluebells China

 63 piece set of 1952 Knowles Bluebells china set, 1-14 3/4" oval platter, 1-12 3/4" oval platter, 1-8 5/8" oval platter, 11-10 1/4" dinner plates, 12-6 1/4" dessert plates, 12-6 3/8" saucers, 1-8 3/4" bowl, 8-7 5/8" bowls, 6-5 1/2" bowls, 1 sugar bowl, 9 cups, (Sold)

  Applesauce Strainer Cone Sieve  

Vintage Applesauce Strainer Cone Sieve

 Vintage applesauce strainer cone sieve, asking $25.

                Sundae Glasses

 Set of 4 antique cobalt blue sundae glasses,                  asking $20.

         Pyrex Tea & Coffee Pots

1.) Vintage short 6-cup Pyrex #8446B, (Sold).
2.) Two tall 6-cup Pyrex #7756B, (Sold).
3.) Antique green glass 9-cup pyrex #7829B, (Sold).
4.) Vintage glass perculator attachment, (Sold).

          Antique wire bail Jars

 1.) Four 1 pint Ball Eclipse wide mouth, (Sold).
 2.) One 1 pint Anchor Hocking Lightning, (Sold).
 3.) One 1 pint Acme Sheild, (Sold).
 4.) two 1 pint Atlas E-Z Seal, (Sold).
 5.) One 1 quart Perfect Seal, (Sold).

       Antique Crown Jars

Antique Crown glass top canning jars, 2 quarts and      4 pints, asking $5. each.(Sold)

    Antique Graniteware Pie Plates

 Two Antique Graniteware 9" Pie Plates, $20. (Sold).

     1950's Pyrex Warming Trivets

Two vintage Pyrex 36CW cast iron warming trivets, shaped like a sundial, made to be used with a candle to keep your coffee pot warm, (Sold).

1933 Blue Ribbon Coffee Jar

1933 embossed Blue Ribbon vacuum packed coffee, 1 quart jar, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

     Vintage Mortar & Pestle Set

 Vintage Mortar & Pestle Standard Trenton acid resisting apothecary stoneware set, asking $65.          for the four pieces.

                Antique Mortar

Antique 1800's pharmaceutical, apothecary, mining, heavy cast iron mortar, 8 3/4" diameter x 7 1/2" tall, it weighs about 15 lbs. Asking $85.

  Antique Mortars & Pestle

Antique 1800's pharmaceutical, apothecary, mining, heavy cast iron mortar & pestle, small mortar is 4" diameter x 4" tall, and larger mortar is 6 1/2" diameter  x 6" tall, pestle is 2" diameter x 9" long,                 (Sold)                                                                                                

    Antique 8 Qts. Soup Pot W/Lid

 Antique heavy porcelain enamel 8 qts. soup pot with steel bail and lid, 10" dia. X 7 1/2" high, (Sold).

   Zwilling J.A. Henckels Pot & Pan

 Zwilling J.A. Henckels Twin Zwillingwerk AG Solingen Germany, non-stick cast aluminum 11" x 5" pot dutch oven & 11" x 3" pan with lid, Made in Germany,(Sold)

   Granite Ware Canning Pot

 Large granite ware canning pot, Made by Martha Stewart, it measures 14" diameter x 9" tall in good condition, asking $20.

    Sterling Silver Tongs & Spoon

Antique sterling silver 4" sugar tongs & small sterling silver 5 1/4" spoon, asking $45. for both.

     Jeweled hor d'oeuvre picks

Vintage set of 8 jeweled hor d'oeuvre appetizer picks with holder, asking $20. 

       Hand Forged Tongs

Small hand forged salad tongs, 10 1/2" long,                    asking $25.

     Grandma's Kitchen Gadgets

 Grandma's vintage & antique kitchen gadgets,   asking $5. to $25. each.

        Hand Mixer Egg Beaters

 Antique & vintage hand crank mixers, egg beaters,                          asking $10. to $35. each.                                                                                                                                              

        Antique Kitchen Rack

 Antique kitchen wares & gadgets with the rake head  holder, (Sold)                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

         Family Kitchen Scales

1.) Antique pastel green Way Rite kitchen scale, Made in Chicago, weighs up to 25 lbs. (Sold).  
2.) Antique 1898 U.S. family kitchen scale, patented Feb. 8, 1898 kitchen scale, it has a brass front with a cast iron top, (Sold).                     
3.) Antique pastel blue green American Family scale, weighs up to 25 lbs. (Sold).

         Antique Kitchen Scales

1.) Antique pastel yellow, Landers, Frary & Clark, weighs up to 24 lbs. kitchen scale, (Sold).
2.) Antique square white, Landers, Frary & Clark 24 lbs. kitchen & hardware store scale, asking $45.
3.) 1903 antique black, Pelouze Scale Mfg. Co. Chicago 24 lbs. family kitchen scale, (Sold).          

 Antique Kitchen Scale

Hanson model 2000 utility scale 25 lbs.

Vintage 1950's Hanson model 2000 utility kitchen scale, weighs up to 25 lbs. asking $65.                                                                                                                                                                                              

     Fairbanks Dual Weigh Scale

Antique Fairbanks store scale weighs with platform and pan, heavy cast iron with double brass beams, gavanized pan is roted out on the bottom.  $45. 


 1930 Antique Doctor's Scale

1930 Antique doctor's physicians medical scale, #8535 Continental Scale Works Chicago Illinois, 300 lbs. capacity, with height attachment, $280.                               

        Fairbanks candy scale

Antique red cast iron Fairbanks balance beam candy scale with copper pan, (Sold).

      Antique Salters Baby Scale

Antique Salters baby scale #50, British made, Silvester's patent, to weigh up to 28 lbs. #3629, top pan measures 22" x 14" x 3 1/2", it is made of a heavy cast iron with a brass face and has a 7 1/2" diameter brass folding dome cover plate, (Sold)

   Canadian Grocer's Scale 

Antique Canadian Scale Co. Ltd. Made in Toronto, Canada, serial #3094, it measures 19" x 9" x 9 1/2", made of heavy cast iron, asking $75.                                                                                                                                                                                                              

      Antique 1800's Avery Scale

Antique early 1800's W.T. Avery Victorian grocers scale, cast iron and hand forged. It measures 22 3/4" tall and weighs about 12 lbs. It comes with four original solid brass Avery weights of 2 oz. 1 oz. 1/2 oz. and 1/4 oz. asking $220.

          Antique Spring Scales

1.) Antique Gifford Wood Co. 150 lb. ice scale, $85.
2.) Antique C. Forschner's 60 lb. scale, asking $80. 
3.) Antique Salter's 30 lb. spring scale, asking $75.

 Salter #235T Trade Scale

Antique Salter No. 235T Trade Spring Balance Scale, Made in England, it measures 9 1/2" diameter x 20" weighs up to 100 lbs. (Sold).

          1950's Carving Set

1950's box set of carving knife, fork & sharpener with red bakelite handles, asking $20.

      Ice Cream Parlour Scoops

Vintage 1950's ice cream parlour scoops, one is a Tudhope #5 and three Hunter #6, all are made in Orillia Canada, (All Sold).                              

 Vacuum Coffee Filter Rods

1.) Cory 6" filter rod, asking $20. Pat. DES.114097
2.) Corning 5" filter rod, asking $20. These are to be used in a vintage vacuum coffee pot system.

  King Pepper Jr. Bat Pepper Mill

Cole & Mason, King Pepper Jr. Baseball Bat pepper mill, 19" long natural beech wood, stainless steel grinding mechanism. Great for the barbecue.       asking $35.

            Crown Carving Set

 Crown Sheffield box set of carving knife, fork,      sharpener & 8 horderve forks, (Sold)    

     Antique Corkscrews

    Antique corkscrews, asking $20. each.                     

           Antique Rolling Pins

       1950's antique rolling pins, asking $10. each.

    Antique Meat Grinder Pushers

Antique Meat Grinder Pushers

     Antique meat grinder pushers, asking $20. each.            (The bottom one is Sold)

      Coffee Cup Holder

Vintage coffee cup holder, fits 8 fireking coffee cups,        (Sold).

          9" Patton Products

9" Patton Products 11-9, Made in Germany,  9" wide x 4" high, 15" long with handle, weighs 2 3/4 lbs. (Sold)

                 8" Elwell

   Vintage 1937 Elwell 8" wide x 4 3/4" high blade,       14 1/2" long with handle, weighs 2 lbs. (Sold).

              6" Briddell

   6" Briddell #860, Made in USA. 6" wide x                   4" high blade, 11" long with handle, (Sold).                                                         

     Antique 12 3/4" Hog Splitter

Antique 12 3/4" two handed hog splitter meat cleaver,12 3/4" wide x 6 1/2" high blade, 31" long with handle, weighs 6 1/2 lbs. (Sold).

              7" Dexter 5287

Meat Cleaver

Vintage Dexter 7" wide x 4 1/4" high blade, 13" long with handle, has a rosewood handle, weighs 2 1/2 lbs.  $75.


     12" Eagle Logo Hog Splitter

Huge antique two handed meat cleaver, 12" wide x 7" high blade, 24" long with handle, has eagle emblem   on it, weighs 5 lbs. (Sold).

         10" L & I.J. White 1837

 Antique 1837 L. & I.J. White 10" wide x 4 1/2"        high blade, 16" long with handle, weighs 2 lbs.     (Sold)

          9" Nichols Bros.

 Antique Nichols Bros. Greenfield Mass.                          9" wide x 5 1/4" high blade, 17" long with                      handle, weighs 3 lbs. (Sold).

      9" Columbia Cutlery Corp.

 Antique Columbia Cutlery Corp. New York, N.Y.         9" wide x 4" high blade, 15" long with handle,       weighs 3 lbs. (Sold).

           8" Village Blacksmith

   Antique Village blacksmith Lexington #208,             8" wide x  4 3/8" high blade, 14" long with handle,   weighs 2 lbs.  (Sold)

           7" Tramontina

 Vintage Tramontina. 7" wide x 4 1/4"                                high blade, 12 1/2" long with handle,                                   weighs 1 3/4 lb. (Sold).

         10" J.A. Henckels 1900

 Antique 1901 J.A. Henckel Twinworks meat cleaver,   10" wide x 4" high, 16" long with handle,                           weighs 2 lbs.  (Sold)

        8" Unledgeable Name

 Antique unledgeable name, Made in USA. 8" wide x   4 3/4" high x 14" long, weighs 2 1/2 lbs. (Sold).

    Butcher's Meat Cleavers

1.) 15" Bridell USA. meat clever, (Sold).
2.) 11" Foster Bros. meat clever, (Sold).
3.) 16" Sheffield butcher knife, (Sold).

          Henkells Pro Knives

1.) 8" Zwelling J.A. Henkells Twin 4 Star Pro, Solingen Germany, asking $40.
2.) 8" breadknife, Zwelling J.A. Henckells  (Sold).
3.) 6" Zwelling J.A. Henckells Twin 4 Star Pro, Solingen Germany, asking $35.
4.) 5 1/2" Zwelling J.A. Henckells  (Sold)
5.) 10" wood handled #727, J.A. Henckells Twin Zwillingwerk AG Solingen Germany, asking $30.
6.) 6" J.A. Henckells International, asking $5.

       Germany Rostfrei Knives

    Set of 7 German Rostfrei knives, asking $90.

          3 Roscan Knives

 Set of 3 heavy duty Roscan steak knives,            asking $15.

        Antique Skinning Knives

 Antique skinning knife & leather cutter, (Both Sold).

    Antique & Vintage Meat Saws

1.) 1874 Welland Vale Co. St. Catharines, Ontario, 4 3/4" throat, 16" meat saw, with brass split nuts, (Sold)
2.) Keystone, Made by Disston in Canada, 5 1/4" throat, 24" hacksaw, meat saw, (Sold).
3.) #24 Millers Falls 10" deep-throat 14" saw (Sold)
4.) Challenge 4" throat 14" meat saw, asking $20.

   Barsky Hachinette Cutter

Antique French Comptoir De Barsky, Paris New York hachinette cutter, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                  

              Victorinox Knives

1.) 12" Victorinox chef's knife, R.H. Forschner Co.  Made in Switzerland, (Sold). 
2.) 7 1/2" Victorinox carving knife 5.2000.19. R.H.  Forschner Co. Made in Switzerland, asking $30.
3.) 6" Victorinox boning knife 407-6, R.H. Forschner  Co. Made in Switzerland, asking $20.

                  Meat Cleavers

1.) Zwilling J.A. Henckels, twin guys, Made in  Germany, 6"  clever, (Sold)
2.) Ed Wusthof Dreizackwerk Trident Solingen Inox     6 1/2" Meat Cleaver, Made in Germany, $30. (Sold) 

        Heavy 8" Chopper

Vintage heavy 1 lb. thick 8" blade chopper, it measures 2" x 14" long with handle, (Sold)

       Butcher's Knife Sharpeners

1.) Antique 1834 sharpening steel G. Wostenholm with brass ring guard, Made in England,  (Sold).
2.) Antique 1891 sharpening steel, I. Wilson Sycamore St. Sheffield England, with walnut handle with brass ring guard, (Sold).

         Henckels Knife Holder

Zwilling J.A. Henckels, twin guys, Made in Germany, 18/10 stainless steel 24" knife holder, asking $30.

    1953 Texan Nut Sheller

Vintage 1953 Texan York nut sheller, patent # 2,651,342 asking $15.

  Vintage Dexter Pizza-Pasta Cutter

Vintage Dexter Stainless steel with aluminum handle, pizza and pasta restaurant cutter, asking $20. 

          Antique Brass Tongs

Antique brass tongs, 16" long x 5", jaws open to 5 1/2", weighs about 2 1/2 Lbs. Asking $45. (Sold).

Antique Kitchen Ice Tongs

Antique kitchen ice tongs $50. each.

       1893 Kitchen Chopper #60

N.R.S. & Co. Groton N.Y.  Pat'd May 2, 1893, N0. 60 Bell shaped 6-blade kitchen chopper, cast iron handle, asking $35. (Sold).

         ICYPI ice Cream Scoop

Antique ICYPI rectangle ice cream sandwich scoop, (Sold).

  Hot Tin Lemon Squeezer

Antique cast iron hot tin lemon squeezer,                              (Sold).

      Meat Tenderizer & Ice Pick

Antique cast iron meat tenderizer with an ice pick on the other end, it measures about 7" long, asking $25.

        Antique Sausage Stuffer

 Antique primitive sausage stuffer with wood plunger, asking $25.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Rostfritt Stål Eskilstuna Sweden

Vintage Rostfritt Stål Eskilstuna Sweden meat tenderizer with 2" cleaver chopper (Sold)

        Antique Meat Tenderizers

 Antique meat tenderizing mallets, asking $25. each.

  Sugar Cutter, Sugar Devil Auger

Antique Sugar Cutter, Sugar Devil Auger

1) Antique sugar devil auger, 16" long, asking $120.
2) antique sugar cutter nippers, spring loaded, $120.

       Vintage Sugar Nips

Vintage Sugar Nips

Vintage hand forged spoon shaped sugar nips for cutting sugar cubes in half to serve half sugar in tea's, asking $20.

        Preway  Auto Ice Box

Vintage 1930's Preway auto ice box, Prentiss-Wabers Products Co. Wisconsin Rapids, Wis. It measures about 30 1/2" x 10 1/4" x 11" high, asking $85. (IN FL)

            J.C. Higgins Cooler


  Vintage J.C. Higgins aluminum cooler, it measures   about 22" x 13" x 16" high, it has a bottle opener on   the side handle also.  (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

U.S. Military Mermite Cooler

Original U.S. Military Aluminum Mermite Hot Cold insulated Cooler, Made by American Wyott Corp. OLA 400-89-C-5072, 1989, original army green color, good hinges, good rubber seal, it measures about 20" x 16" x 9 1/2" and holds about 24 cans, just as good as a YETI cooler but stronger, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                          

     Antique Coca-Cola Coolers

Antique 1950's Coca-Cola coolers with bottle opener in side handle, they measure about 17" x 13" x 18" with the handle, the inside is OK but the bottoms underneath are rusted, Mfg. By St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. in St. Thomas Ontario on Oct. 1957,                (Both Sold)

       Vintage Coca-Cola Cooler

Vintage Coca-Cola cooler with bottle opener in side handle, it measures 20" x 13" x 15", inside is plastic lined and the bottom underneath is rusted, Mfg. by   St. Thomas Metal Signs Ltd. in St. Thomas Ontario   on Jan. 1964,  (Sold).

   Arctic Boy Water Coolers

1.) Antique Arctic Boy 3 gallon galvanized water cooler, Made by Schlueter Mfg. Co. in St. Louis Mo.              (Sold).                                                                 2.) Vintage Arctic 5 gallon galvanized water cooler,              (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

   Aluminum Party Serving Trays

Vintage heavy aluminum serving trays, two 18" trays & one 24" tray, one is embossed with ducks on it,, asking $15. each.

    Heavy Stainless Steel Tray

Vintage heavy stainless steel 12 3/4" diameter tray, asking $30. 

   Blue Granite Ware Tray

Vintage dark blue graniteware 12" diameter tray, asking $25.                                                                                                                                                                                                             

            Labatt's Beer Tray

Vintage aluminum Labatt's beer serving tray, Darts throwing award, it measures 17" x 10", (Sold).

      Vintage Orange Crush Tray

Vintage Orange Crush 13 1/2" diameter metal serving tray, (Sold)

  Vintage Coca-Cola Tray

Vintage coca cola tray, it measures 10 3/4" x 13 1/4", asking $20.                                                                                                                                                  

       20" Wood Lazy-Susan

20" diameter x 1" thick rough sawn look lazy susan bought at Cutters Edge (Sold).  

        Antique 1905 Beatty Tub

 Antique 1905 rectangular tub, Made by Beatty, it measures 23" x 18" x 11 1/2", (Sold).

    Stainless Steel Milk Pail

 Clean 3 gallon seamless stainless steel milk pail, it measures 10" high x 12" dia. on top, was only used to milk the family cow with, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                   

        Antique Large Steel Bowl

Antique steel bowl, it measures about 19" dia. x 7" deep with two handles, asking $25.

          GSW Galvanized Tub

Vintage GSW Eureka #000, small galvanized tub, it measures about 13 1/2" dia. X 8 1/2" high, Made in Canada, (Sold). 

 Galvanized G.H. Woods Pail

Vintage G.H. Woods heavy galvanized 35 qt. pail with  1 to 6 gallon increment ribed marks on pail, it measures 15" dia. X 13" high, Made in Canada                    (Sold).

        Vintage Shortening Tin

Vintage Schneiders Crispy Flake tin, for 20 lbs. of shortening, measures 10" dia. x 10" high, (Sold).

    Vintage Aluminum Lunch Pail

Vintage miners aluminum lunch pail, it measures 11" x 7 1/2" x 6 1/2" high with lid, asking $25. 

     Vintage Wash Bassin

Vintage porcelain enamel wash basin, it measures about 16" x 4 1/2" high, asking $25.                       

Toastess Waffle Iron Sandwich Grill 

Vintage 1960's Toastess waffle iron sandwich grill, model #562, Canada, asking $20.

        Rival Grind-O-Matic

Vintage Rival Grind-O-Matic meat grinder, model #2100 M/2, asking $25. 

 1923 G.E. Hotpoint Toaster

Antique 1923 General Electric Hotpoint toaster C.G.E. #T12, in working condition, asking $40.                                                         

         Antique 1909 Waffle iron

 Antique 1909 Westinghouse electric waffle iron,(Sold).

Antique 1915 Westinghouse Toaster

Antique 1915 Westinghouse toaster, C.W. Co. Ltd. S # H-22500B, in working condition (Sold).

       Vintage Roaster Oven

Vintage Nesco 4 quart roaster oven (Sold).

         Potatoe Curly Cutter

 Commercial potatoe curly fry cutter & onion ring  cutter, it  clamps onto your counter top, great for    chip stands, (Sold).

             Horn Style Stuffer

 8 lb. Horn style manual cast iron stuffer without  tubes,  (Sold).

         Wear-Ever Stock Pots

1.) Vollrath #4302 8-Guage Aluminum Wear-Ever Stock  Pot, 8-Qt, 9" Dia. x 8 1/2" high, (Sold) 
2.) Vollrath Wear-Ever Classic Select Stock Pot        15-Qt, 10" Dia. x 11" high, (Sold)

          Stainless Steel Shelf

 Commercial stainless steel tray shelf from a   restaurant, it measures 36" x 11" x 4" and wieghs 11 lbs. asking $40.

        Paper Cutter & Dispenser

Antique 18” country store butcher paper cutter and dispenser , (Sold).                                

  Restaurant Food Cover

Commercial flip-up food cover from a restaurant, it measures 21" x 13" x 11" high closed. It weighs about 8 1/2 lbs. (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      

        Bootleggers 24 Gallon

            Moonshine Still

Copper Moonshine still, holds 24 gallons, it measures 30" x 16" x 24", in good clean condition, asking $620. 

      Clean Copper insides       


                  Antique 1890's Universal

        Landers, Frary, & Clark

1890's Universal butchers industrial meat grinder, made by Landers, Frary & Clark, New Britain, Conn. USA It is gear driven by a 12" hand crank flat belt pulley, it measures 13 1/2" x 19" x 12". it weighs about 60 lbs. Oval top hole for meat is 3" x 3 1/2"  (Sold).

Butchers Meat Grinder


     Stainless Steel Sink

Restaurant Stainless steel sink on 5" casters with  drain, great for washing large pots, it measures          17" x 17" x 13" inside and 20" x 20" x 33" high,  asking $320.

          Vintage Butcher Block

 Vintage restaurant rock maple wood butcher block   ,   it measures 30" x 30" x 32" high, and weighs about   400 lbs. (Sold).                                                                                                                     

        Propane Griddle

Restaurant propane griddle, it measures about              24" x 22" x 33" high, used with a                              portable propane tank in our summer                            kitchen, great for camps, (Sold).                                                                       

      Champion Industrial Juicer

 Champion industrial juicer model G5-NG-853S,   heavy duty juicer, like new, (Sold).

        Waring Pro Meat Grinder

 Waring Pro model #MG100A electric meat grinder  with sausage stuffing horn, (Sold).

       Series 500 Vitamatic

Vintage VitaMix Blender Series 500 Vitamatic, all stainless steel, very clean condition, makes a great classic mixer for a bar, (Sold).

         Vintage Superior Iron

1920's Superior Electrics Limited iron #136 with a wood handle, Made in Pembroke Canada, in good working condition, asking $20.

     Antique Wood Ironing Board

 Very nice 1920's antique wood ironing board,                     asking $40.                                                                                                                              

Antique Willetts Washer Ringer

Antique Willetts washer clothes washer roller ringer with hand crank, 13" roller, about 32" long overall with hand crank, Patented Dec. 19, 1872- 1877, asking $45.                                                                               

        Firepit S.S. Grills System

Muskoka grilling system stainless steel grills & stake for outdoors firepit with recipe book, (Sold).

          Stainless Steel Pans

Commercial heavy stainless steel restaurant pans, they measure 12" x 12" & 10" x 10", asking $25. for the pair.

       1880 Ice Cream Mold

Pewter Ice Cream Mold Christmas Tree #1154,     Made by Eppelsheimer & Co in 1880, (Sold).

    1870 G.M.T. & Bro. Nut Grater

Antique 1870 cast iron clamp-on hand crank nut grater, Made in Ida Germany, G.M.T. & Bro. Very ornate flowers on casting, (Sold).

      1868 Cherry Stoner Pitter

Antique cast iron hand crank cherry stoner pitter with Pat'd Nov. 17, 1863 & May 15, 1868  (Sold).

       1920 Pasta Machine

Antique cast iron hand crank, clamp-on pasta machine to do Gnocchi or Cavatellis. Vitantonio Mfg.Co. Cleveland, Ohio, Pat’d. in 1920’s (Sold)

   Antique Mimoso Coffee Grinder

Antique cast iron Brazil Mimoso #2 hand crank clamp-on or wall mount coffee grinder mill,  (Sold).


   Sargent & Co. Nut Cracker

Antique Sargent & Co. nut cracker, asking $30.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

         1890 Marmalade Cutter

Antique 1890 Follows & Bate Manchester cast iron clamp on Marmalade cutter, (Sold).

        Antique Coffee Grinder

Antique clamp-on coffee grinder mill, made by Standard-Werk Company in Austria, (Sold).

       Chop-Rite Model #32

Large Chop-Rite model #32 meat grinder                 with sausage stuffer horn . (Sold).                                                                                                                                                  

        1879 Fruit Press Juicer

 Antique Enterprise MFG. Co. Patented Sep 30th   1879, clamp-on hand-crank fruit press juicer, (Sold).

      1904 Steinfeld #21 Juicer

Antique Steinfeld trade mark, patented Nov. 29, 1904   No. 21 kitchen juicer, asking $35. 

  Rose Green Bean Slicer

Antique Rose, Made in Belgium, hand crank string green bean slicer, asking $35. 

  1897 Enterprise Raisin Slicer #36

Antique Enterprise MFG. Co. Philadelphia Pa. USA Patented Apr. 2, Aug. 20, 1895 & Oct. 5, 1897, "Wet the Raisins", raisin seeder slicer, asking $45.

          Vintage #0 Grinder

 Vintage (66) food mincer grinder #0, patent #524079,      Made in England, asking $20.                                  

   1915 Sterling Slicer #10

Antique 1915 Sterling slicer #10 H.R.S. & Co. Rochester, NY, 7"x3" Body, 9" Clamp on stand, 8" Circular Blade. Asking $140. (Sold).

          Antique Can Sealers

Two antique rustic  hand crank cast iron can canner seamer sealers, asking $25. each.

      1914 Perfection Nut Cracker

1914 Perfection Nut Cracker Co. Waco Texas, patented Nov. 17, 1914, asking $35.

Favorite No. 7 Coffee Grinder

Antique Favorite No. 7 Coffee Grinder cast iron wall mounted on an old board, (Sold).