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                                                 Antique Farm & Barn Primitives

    Antique Double Donkey Yoke

     Rare antique double donkey mule yoke, (Sold). 

      Antique Double Oxen Yokes

     Antique 55" long double oxen yoke, asking $360.         Antique 36" long double oxen yoke, (Sold).

  Antique Double Oxen Yoke

 Antique rustic 38" long double oxen yoke,                                       (Sold).                                                                                                                                                       

           Antique Neck Yoke

     Antique neck yoke, used for hauling water pails,                                    (Sold).

       Antique Double Oxen Yoke

Antique 48" long double oxen yoke with hand forge hardware and steel tusk wedge, (Sold).

       Two Man Log Carrier

 Antique two man log carrier, 48" long,                                                        (Sold).                                                                                                                       

         SToddard Tractor Seat

     Antique cast iron Stoddard tractor seat,  (Sold).

            The Rake Toronto

  Antique The Rake Toronto implement seat,  (Sold).

1847 John Deer Tractor Seat

John Deer tractor seat with 1847 & deer on it, good condition, (Sold).                                                                

          Sawyer's Tractor Seat

  Antique cast iron Sawyer's W30 tractor seat,  Canadian seat from Hamilton, Ontario, (Sold). 

           Maxwell Tractor Seat

 Antique Maxwell cast iron farm implement or tractor  seat, type 3B, 1850-1920, (Sold).

Massey Harris Implement Seat

Antique cast iron Massey Harris Z82 horse drawn riding implement seat, (Sold).

      Toronto 34 Tractor Seat

    Antique Toronto #34 cast iron tractor seat, (Sold).

    Cast Aluminum Tractor Seat

          Vintage cast aluminum tractor seat,                                    Bruce County, Ont. (Sold).

Cast Aluminum Tractor Seat

  Vintage cast aluminum tractor seat,                                Pioneer Dalton, Ohio, (Sold).

         Antique Implement Seats

  Small antique cast iron treadle machine seats,                             asking $160. each.              

          Champion Tractor Seats

           Antique cast iron Champion tractor seats,                        asking $160. each   (Sold)

      Antique Tractor seat

 Antique side mount cast iron tractor seat,                 asking $140.                                                             

           Antique Tractor seats

         Antique cast iron tractor seats, (Sold).

          Antique tractor seats

           Antique cast iron tractor seats, (Sold).

  Antique implement seat

Small antique cast iron implement seat $140. 

            Deering Tractor Seat

         Antique cast iron Deering tractor seats,                         asking $160. each.  (One on left Sold).

        Antique tractor seats

       Antique cast iron tractor seats, $160. each

 Frost & Wood Tractor Seat

Antique cast iron Frost & Wood tractor seat from Smiths Falls, (Sold).

            Massey Mower Seat

   Antique Massey Mower cast iron seat 264, (Sold).

          Blackstone Tractor Seat

 Blackstone & Company LTD. Stamford cast iron tractor seat, (Sold).

       Antique Tractor Seat

  Large antique tractor seat, $140. (On Hold)      

     Walter A. Wood Tractor Seat

 Antique cast iron Walter A. Wood tractor seat, $160.                   

        Buckeye Tractor Seat

   Antique cast iron Buckeye Akron Ohio tractor seat,                                 asking $260. (Sold)

          Antique Toolbox Seat

Antique cast iron tractor seat with attached toolbox, it has #182 embossed in the toolbox, weighs 20 lbs. (Sold).                                                                                                                                        

         Buckeye Tractor Seat

    Antique Buckeye Worcester tractor seat, (Sold).  

      Cockshutt implement Seat

    Antique Cockshutt implement seat,  asking $160.

W.F. & J. Barnes Treadle Seat

Small antique W.F. & J. Barnes treadle steel lathe seat with double mounting holes,  (Sold).

        Antique Tractor Seat

               Antique tractor seat, (Sold).

      1917-1922 Titan I.H. Seat

    Antique 1917-1922 Titan International Harvester               M488 cast iron tractor seat, (Sold).

   Antique Implement Seat

 Antique implement seat, asking $160.

       FirePit Tractor Seat Stool

 Firepit stool with original seat spring, seat is just bolted on and can be changed with other seats that we have. (Sold).

    Milkcan Tractor Seat Stool

Antique 1880's milkcan with the drop down handles, has a welded bar across the top for bolting on the antique cast iron tractor seat that can be changed with other seats that we have. (Sold).

      Tin Tractor Seat

      Vintage tin tractor seat, asking $20.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             

     Spring Steel Seat Brackets

6 tractor or implement seat brackets, made of heavy spring steel, It is also good steel to forge with, asking $30. Each. (Only 2 left for sale)

   Leader Tractor Front Grill

Antique cast iron front grill off a Leader tractor, Made in Chagrin Falls, Ohio, it measures 26" x 19 1/2" x 4 1/2", weighs about 75 lbs.It is in good condition, would make a nice coffee table top, (Sold).

         Antique Truck Steps

       1.) Antique truck steps, asking $40. Each.                                (The bottom one is sold)

         Antique Buggy Step

            2.) Antique buggy step, asking $60.

      Antique Car Steps

3.) Antique car steps, asking $35. Each,                           (Only one left for Sale)                                    

          Antique Buggy Steps

      4.) Antique buggy steps, asking $35. each.                           (The one on the right is sold)

     John Deere Tractor  Pedal

John Deere Tractor Differential Lock Pedal part #T27430, (Sold).

1800's massive ships double block & tackle wood pulleys with 3/4" rope, (Sold).



      Antique & Vintage                 



1.) Two vintage 2 chive block pullies, Canada Block Co. made in St. Catharines Ontario, both (Sold).

 2.) Two antique cast iron & wood extra large 7 1/2"  industrial pullies, Asking $75. each. (One Sold).                                 

3.) Antique cast iron two chive block pulleys,           two with brakes (Sold)                                

     4.) Antique cast iron 5" clothes line pulleys,                              asking $20. each. 

 5.) Antique 6" sheave 10 ton capacity snatch block pulley it weighs about 20 lbs. (Sold).

 6.) Antique 5" sheave steel pulley, $50.

 7.) Antique 10" well rope pulley, weighs about 10 lbs.                                (Sold).

         1) Antique 9" well rope pulley, asking $75.
         2) Antique 7" well rope pulley, (Sold).

9.) Antique 5" sheave steel pulley, $60.

 10.) Two large antique wood block pulleys,          asking $45. each.

 11.) Two antique 5" chain groove sheave chain pulleys, asking $65. each. (Small one Sold)

12.) Louden A23 steel sheave 6" pulley, $75.                                                                

13.) Louden sling set, double & single pulley (Sold).

14.) Steel track pulley from slaughter house with meat hook, asking $45.

15.) Smart Brookville 6" steel sheave pulley,                          (Sold).

  16.) Antique cast iron steel sheave wheel pullies,              asking $55. each (Some are Sold)

 17.) Antique P6 cast iron wood sheave wheel barn  pullies, asking $45. each.

18.) Antique 4 1/2" sheave pulley F-75, $60.                                                                                

 19.) Antique 1893 N. Agara 1/2 ton chain fall, (Sold).

20.) Antique 1894 Weston Block 1/2 ton chain hoist in good working condition, (Sold).                                                                  

21.) Heavy industrial galvanized pulley for 2" cable,                                  asking $30.

22.)  3 1/4" x 9" aluminum come-a-long pulley,                       asking $35.

 23.)  Pair of cast iron steel track pulleys,  (Sold)

       24.) Vintage 2 chive pulley, (Sold).                                                                                                                     

25.) Huge antique Beatty 10" sheave gable end pulley, it weighs about 12 1/2 lbs. (Sold).

26.) Antique Beatty 8" cable or chain grooved 12 lb. industrial drop down pulley, (Sold).

27.)  Vintage heavy 6" pulley, $40. (Pending)                                                                                            

28.) Large industrial snatch block pulleys, 24" to 26" long and weigh about 35 to 45 lbs. each, $100. each.             (The large red one is sold)

29.) Large 2 sheave industrial crane pulley, 34" long with   a 10" wide hook, weighs about 140 lbs. $220.

30.) Antique steel pullies, (Sold).                              

31.) George Cutter Co. Chicago, 3 1/2" cast iron corner pulley, asking $45. 

  32.) Small cast iron & wood 3 1/2" pulleys, (Sold).

33.) Hay trolley sling unloader binding pulley,                          (Sold).                                                    

34.) Pedlar Oshawa 7" wood sheave pulley, (Sold). 

35.) BT 3" wood sheave return pulley with steel track bracket, (Sold).

36.) Antique Cummings Ship Instrument Works Boston, bronze 3 3/4" ships pulley (Sold).

1/2 Ton differential hoist chainfall, Made in Canada,   asking $120. each. (Both Sold)

 Vintage Yale spur geared 1/2 ton chainfall,                     asking $120.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

CM series 639 one ton capacity geared walking beam trolley, asking $280.                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

     Antique hay trolley sling rope snaps, $40. each.                    (The 3 on left Sold) 

Louden sling rope snaps, patented Sept. 13, 1898, asking $25. each.

Hay Trolley Hooks

1) Antique rope pulley with brake,  $35.
2) Antique hook with release, asking $45.

       1/2" Manila Rope & Spool

Vintage 1/2" diameter manila rope and hand crank galvanized spool that hangs over fence, (Sold).

       3/8" Manila Rope & Pulley

 Vintage 3/8" diameter manila rope and pulley with   hooks, asking $80.

         5/8" Manila Rope

 Vintage 5/8" diameter manila rope, (Sold)                                      

           1" Diameter Rope

   1-inch  diameter by 28-feet long rope, asking $60.

         Cowboys Lariat Lasso

 Cowboy lariat lasso, 30' x 1/2" diameter rope (Sold) 

2 1/4" Manila or Hemp Rope

Manila or hemp rope 2 1/4" diameter x 8'-feet long,       Great Nautical décor rope, asking $30. 

     Antique Milk & Cream Cans

1.) Renfrew milk can,13" dia. x 24" high,, (Sold).
2.) No name very rusted milk can, 13" dia. x 24", $65.
3.) Palm Daries cream-milk can, 10 1/2" dia. X 20", (Sold).

        Antique Cream Separator

Antique Vega G6 Eskilstuna cream separator, good for planter as a lawn ornament with heavy cast iron base, asking $120.(On Hold)

These milk cans are $85. Each. (On Hold)

 Antique GSW Cream Cans

1.) GSW cream can with sight gauge & spout,                 9" dia. x 14" high, asking $45. 
2.) GSW cream can with sight gauge & spout,                 9" dia. x 20" high, asking $45.                    

    Calf-Teria Weaning Milk Pail

Vintage Calf-Teria calf weaning milk pail with hanger bracket, for milk feeding calves, goat or sheep,              asking $25.

         Antique Cream Cans

1.) Palm Daries cream-milk can, 10 1/2" dia. X 20", 
2.) Besses Cry Stayner cream-milk can,10 1/2" X 20"             (Both Sold)                                     

    Copper Cream Can

Antique Cherry Burrell Corporation, copper                    cream can, 10" dia. X 20" tall, (Sold).

     Firestone Sanaloy S.S. Can

Vintage Firestone sanaloy finish stainless steel can, it measures 13" dia. x 24" tall, it is very clean inside, could be used for maple syrup or a still, (Sold).

      Antique Dairy Cream Can

Antique Dick Day Bristol cream can with brass tag, it measures 10 3/4" dia. x 19" tall, (Sold). 

  Antique GSW Cream Can

Antique GSW cream can from a goat farm, it measures about 9" diameter x 18 1/2" high,                      (Sold).           

        Stubby Milk-Cream Cans

   Antique North Bay Co-Op creamery, stubby milk           or cream cans, 13 1/2" dia. x 18" tall, they weigh         15 lbs. each, Both (Sold).

          Aluminum Milk Cans

 Aluminum milk cans, great for boiling maple syrup in, they measure 13" dia. X 23" high, (Sold).

        Dairy Cream Cans

1.) Antique Canada Packers Ltd. Wiarton, Ont. Cream can, it measures 9 1/2" dia. X 24" tall. (Sold)
2.) Antique Model Dairy, Soo Ont. dairy can, no lid, it measures 13" dia. x 18 1/2" tall, Asking $65.               

        Antique Farm Grain Scale

Antique 1918 Renfrew Scale Co. farm grain scale, weighs up to 2000 lbs. It measures 54" x 24" x 14 1/2" high laid down. (Sold).

     New Holland Machinery Sign

 Vintage New Holland machinery sign, it measures   74" long x 5", (Sold).

John Deere Corn Planter Lid

John Deere Moline Ill. corn planter box lid & bracket for a 999 horse drawn John Deere planter, cast iron, about 8" diameter,  (Sold).                                                                                                                                                 

     John Deere Machinery Sign

Vintage porcelain enamel John Deere Farm Implements sign, dated 1955, measures 24" x 8 1/2", asking $320. 

     Case Farm Machinery Sign

Vintage porcelain enamel Case Eagle Farm Machinery Made in USA Racine, Wis. dated 1937, measures 12" x 9", asking $220. 

    Antique Wood Wagon Wheels

Antique wood spoke wagon wheels, one measures about 52" and the other one is about 42" diameter, some broken wood on edge, (Sold).

           Antique Steel Wheels

Small antique steel wheels asking $40. to $60. each.                                                                                     

         Farm Wagon Wheels

Four farm wagon 17 1/2" spoked wheel rims,                           (Sold).

     Antique Wood Wagon Wheel

Antique 33" wood wagon wheel with steel hub, weighs about 45 lbs. Asking $140. 

       1920's Ford Model T Rims

1920's Ford model T rear truck wood spoke 20 1/2" rims with brake drum, asking $95. each.        

  Flywheel Flat Belt Pulley

Antique Flywheel Flat Belt Pulley

 Antique flywheel flat belt pulley, 17" diameter x 3 1/2" high with 1 5/8" arbor hole, weighs about 20 lbs. Asking $120.

      Antique 30" & 34" Wheels

Two antique 34" rear hay wagon steel wheels and one 30" front wheel, asking $120. each.

       Antique 42" Tractor Wheel

 Antique 42" diameter by 6" wide tractor wheel with five 4" cleats on it, asking $120.

   Wheel Hub Axle Skeins

 Antique wagon wheel hub axle skein for steel wheels with a wood axle, asking $20.  each .                                                                                              

      Antique 29" & 35" Wheels

Two antique 35" rear hay wagon steel wheels and two 29" front wheels, all with hubs, asking $120. each.

  Antique 34" Heavy Steel Wheel

   Antique 34" very heavy steel wheel, asking $120.

  Wood Wagon Wheel Hub

Antique wood wagon wheel hub, solid oak with brass top ring and steel bottom ring, it measures about 6 1/2" diameter x 8 1/2" high, it weighs about 7 1/2 lbs. It has 14 spoke holes with a steel bushing sleeve for the axle, (Sold).

       Antique 34" Wheel & Gear

 Antique 34" diameter x 9" wheel with a 21" gear, would make a nice table with a glass top, $140.

       Antique 54" Rake Wheels

 Antique 54" diameter x 2" steel wheels from a trip rake, asking $150. each. (Sold)                                  One more 45" rake wheel, not pictured, asking $120.

  Antique Steel Wheel Band

Antique steel band from an old wooden wagon wheel, it measures 32" diameter x 3" x 1/2" thick, it weighs about 30 lbs. Asking $45.

            Antique 36" wheels

    Antique 36" heavy cast iron wheels,  $120. each.          (Only one left for sale)             

           Antique 46" wheels

      Antique 46" steel wheels, asking $120. each.

     Wheelbarrow Wheels

Antique steel wheelbarrow wheels,                                  asking $55. each.

      Antique Machine Flywheel

 Antique treadle machine flywheel, it measures about 13 3/4" dia. x 1 1/8" with a 5/8" arbor hole, weighs about 13 lbs, asking $85.

     Antique Machine Flywheels

1.) Antique 17 1/2" diameter, 25 lbs. Flywheel (Sold)   2.) Antique 14 1/2" diameter, 14 lbs. Flywheel (Sold)  3.) Vintage 11 1/4" diameter, 90 lbs. Flywheel (Sold)   

   Antique Flat Belt Pulley

Antique flat belt line shaft pulley, it measures about 15 1/2" diameter x 4 1/2" with a 2" arbor hole and weighs about 30 lbs. asking $120.                                                                                                             

       Antique Flywheel & Pulley

1) Antique treadle lathe pulley, it measures 16" diameter with a 5/8" arbor, it weighs 8 1/4 lbs. $75. 
2) Antique octopus shaped treadle lathe flywheel 16" diameter with a 5/8" arbor hole, weighs 25 lbs. $160.

           13" Gear & Hand Crank

 Antique cast iron 13" diameter gear with hand crank and handle, (Sold).

          Flat Belt Pulley

Vintage flat belt machine pulley, 10" diameter x 3" high with a 1 1/2" keyed arbor hole, it weighs about        16 lbs. Asking $60.                                                                   

       1871 Antique Hay Knives

1) Antique loose hay knives, (Sold). 
2) George Weymouth Dresden, Maine, patent March 7, 1871. on bottom one, (Sold).                           

            Antique Hay Knife

            Antique hay knife 36" long, asking $85.

     Antique Hand Sickle

      Antique hand sickle, asking $25.

    Antique Heath Hay knives

Heath upright hand & foot operated hay knifes, used for sectioning loose hay that was compressed in hay mows in the barn.
1.) Turner 1878 model, all cast iron parts on it except the riveted knife blades, (Sold).
2.) 1897 Sears Roebuck model, (Sold).
3.) 1928 models, are pressed steel, (Sold). 
The Heath upright hay knife was invented by William W. Heath of Cazenovia, New York, Patented April 16, 1878.

    Banko Steel Handle Scythe

Antique Stelco steel handle scythe with a 31" Banko blade Made in Sweden, has a tusk wedge system to hold the blade secure, the blade is very sharp and ready to use. asking $60. The scythe blade is made by Sater Banko, founded in 1894 in Dalarna Sweden, they were stamped Sater Banko from 1894 to 1920, after that they were stamped just Banko from 1921 to 1964.  asking $50.

        Two Antique Scythes

Antique hand scythes, one with 18" brush blade &            one with 22" grain or hay blade, asking $45. each.          (These 2 are Sold)  We do have more for sale.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                         

      Cow Cattle Stanchions

        Vintage cow cattle stanchions, (Sold).

   1880 Steel Handle Hay Knife

Antique 1880 Heath hay knife, all steel handle,                                      (Sold).

         Logging Cant Hooks

 Antique cant hooks, asking $75. each.

      Vintage Brush Axe Mattock

Vintage adze roots cutter mattock brush axe, (Sold).

     12" Rolling Spider Cultivators

Vintage rolling spider tine wheels off a Lilliston rolling cultivator part #20-00-030, they weigh 6 1/2 lbs. each, 12" diameter with a 1" square arbor hole,  $50. each.

      Plough Knife Coulter

                                                                                    Antique hand or riding plough knife coulter, measures 19 1/2" x 2" x 3/8", asking $25.                                         

   1870 A.J. Nellis Beam Grapple

Antique cast iron A.J. Nellis & Co. Pittsburg, PA. patented on March 1, 1870 rafter beam grapple for hay trolley side pulleys, (Sold).

              Rafter Grapple

 Antique hand forged rafter grapple with an 18" wood handle, used to attach a pulley to a rafter, asking $45.

    Antique Wheel Lifter

Antique wheel lifter with 6 1/2" diameter                         wheel, asking $40.

     NOS Beatty Bros. Pacific Car

 Beatty Bros. Pacific Car steel track trolley, from Fergus, Ontario, new old stock with store tags still attached to it, (Sold).

         Emerson & Campbell 

1898. Emerson & Campbell #7 hay trolley, Tweed, Ont. with drop down pulley, (Sold).

       Louden Junior Trolley

 Louden Junior steel track trolley (Sold).

        Beatty Bros. Trolley

    Beatty Bros. trolley, from Fergus Canada (Sold).

  Beatty Bros. Pacific Car Trolley

 Beatty Bros. Pacific Car steel track trolley, from   Fergus, Ontario,  (Sold)

    Beatty Bros. Hay Trolley

1909 Beatty Bros. Limited hay trolley (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                    

         1885 Wortman & Ward

1885 Wortman & Ward Mfg. Co. London Ontario, tear drop wood track trolley, (Sold).

      Beatty Bros. Sling Unloader

   Beatty Bros. Fergus Can. sling unloader, (Sold). 

      1888 Neely & Durand

1888 Neely & Durand, Dorchester Station, wood track swivel carrier, asking $260.

                 Beatty Bros.

Beatty Bros. Fergus Ontario wood track trolley, (Sold)

                Louden Royal

 Louden Royal steel track trolleys, asking $260. each (one on right sold) 

   1884 Fe Myers & Bro.

Fe Myers & Bro. Ashland Ohio, Patented Nov. 4, 1884 OJK steel track trolley, (Sold).

       Beatty Bros. Pacific Car 

Beatty Bros. Pacific Car wood track trolley, from Fergus, Ontario, (Both Sold).

         Louden Junior Trolley

Louden Junior of Guelph Ontario, wood track trolley,                        (Sold)                                          

        1886 Porter Trolley

POR-4 Porter Trolley, Patented Jan. 5, 1886 in Ottawa Illinois, adjustable height legs (Sold).     

             Provans Rod Car

1885 Provans rod car trolley with trip gate, Oshawa Ontario, (Sold). 

                Beatty Rod Car

 1904 Beatty Bro's rod car trolley with trip gate, fergus Ontario, (Sold). 

     Louden Red Jacket

Louden Red Jacket steel track trolley, $280.

               Beatty Bros.

          Beatty Bros. Wood track trolley, (Sold). 

                 Hudson USA

            Hudson USA steel track trolley, (Sold). 

         Louden Royal

Louden Royal wood track trolley,  (Sold).

            Beatty Bro's Limited

 Beatty Bro's Limited trolley with drop down pulley,                                             (Sold).

        The F.E. Myers & Bro. Co.

The F.E. Myers & Bro. Co. Ashland, Ohio, USA.  adjustable industrial trolley, (Sold). 

           Louden Machy Co.

 Louden Machy Co. Fairfield, Iowa trolley,                       (Sold).             .                                                                      

         1895 Emerson Campbell

1895 Emerson Campbell Tweed Ontario, (Sold). 

        1885 Wortman & Ward

1885 Wortman & Ward Mfg. Co. London Ontario, wood track, (Sold). 

     Pedlar People Ltd.

The Pedlar People Ltd. Oshawa Ontario, Model Senior, wood track, established 1861, (Sold). 8

            Neely & Durand

1888 Neely & Durand, Dorchester Station, wood track swivel carrier, asking $260.

            Beatty Maple Leaf

       Beatty Maple Leaf wood track trolley, (Sold).

      Ney Mfg. Co. #160

The Ney Mfg. Co. Canton Ohio #160 Pat'd April 5, 1887, steel track trolley with wood sheaves, $320.

              Provans Patent

      Provan's Patent, Oshawa Ontario, (Sold). 

        Buchanan's Deadlock

    Mitchell T. Buchanan's Deadlock, Ingersol Ont.                                            (Sold). 

           Louden Senior

 Louden Senior, steel track trolley, (Sold). 

            Cloverleaf Unloader

         Cloverleaf wood track Unloader, (Sold). 

                 Neely & Durand   

 1888 Neely & Durand, Dorchester Station, wood   track swivel carrier, (Sold). 

      Beatty Provan's Style    

   Beatty Provan's Style trolley (Sold). 

     Beatty Bros. Sling Unloader

Beatty Bros. Fergus Canada, wood track sling unloader with two binding pulleys, (Sold).

    1895 Emerson & Campbell 

1895 Emerson & Campbell Tweed Ontario,wood track sling unloader, (Sold). 

         Beatty Bros.

Beatty Bros. wood track trolley asking $260. 

    Beatty Bros. Sling Unloader

   Beatty Bros. Fergus Can. sling unloader, (Sold). 

               Pedlar Senior

The Pedlar People Ltd. Oshawa Ontario, Model Senior, wood track trolley, established 1861, (Sold). 

          Neely & Durand

1880 Neely & Durand, Dorchester Station, wood track fixed rope rollers trolley, asking $260.

    Wortman & Ward Tear Drop

1885 Wortman & Ward Mfg. Co. London Ontario, tear drop wood track trolley, (Sold). 

         Beatty Bros. Rod Car

    1904 Beatty Bro's rod car trolley, fergus Ontario,                     asking $200. each (One is Sold). 

     Whitman & Barnes #20

Whitman & Barnes N 20 wood track trolley,                      (Sold).

        Jutras Victoriaville, P.Q.

Jutras Victoriaville Quebec steel track trolley (Sold) 

      Buchanen Cochrane Slider

Buchanen Cochrane wood beam slider hay trolley, on casting "Pat. Applied for U.S.", (Sold).

       Louden Junior

Louden Junior of Guelph Ontario, (Sold)

  Louden Iron Claw Grapple Forks

Antique set of Louden Iron Claw double grapple forks, Made in Guelph Ontario, asking $220.

      Louden Machy Co. Hay Fork

Louden Machy Co. hay trolley double harpoon hay fork, Made in Guelph Ontario, it measures about 18" x 34", weighs about 20 lbs. asking $65.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 


    Lantz Mfg. Co. Grapple Forks

 Antique set of Lantz flexible double grapple forks,         Made of high carbon steel, (Sold)

   Beatty & Pedlar Ltd. Hay Forks

1.) Beatty Bro's Limited Fergus Ontario, hay trolley double harpoon hay fork, it measures about 18" x 35", asking $60.
2.) Pedlar People Limited, Oshawa Ontario hay trolley double harpoon hay fork, it measures about 17 1/2" x 33",  asking $60..                                            

    16 Barn Track Brackets

 16 antique cast iron barn track rail brackets, eve mounting brackets for hay trollies, by B. T. Bros. They measure about 7" x 4", (Sold).                        

           Hay Trolley Stop Block           

 BT hay trolley wood track stop block 14" long and weighs about 2 1/2 lbs. (Sold).

          Decker Snout Cutter

Vintage cast iron DECKER Dr. Miller animal marker & snout cutter tool, Made in Keokuk Iowa, asking $25.  

   Large Grubbing Hoe Pick

Large antique Skapopa grubbing mucking pelican hoe or pick, it measures about 11" x 7 3/4" with a strong  36" handle, (Sold)   

     Antique Kitchen Water Pump

 Antique Smart Brockville kitchen water pump with a Beatty Bros. handle, brass cylinder, weighs about 18 lbs. (Sold).

   International Harvester Toolbox

Antique International Harvester Grain drill toolbox with oil can holder and IHC adjustable wrench, it measures 12"  x 5 1/2"  x 4"  high, asking $60.                                                                                                           

Wood Wagon Tongue Plate

Antique wood wagon cast iron tongue plate, it measures about 8" x 8 1/4" with a 7/8" diameter drop pin hole and weighs 8 1/2 lbs. (Sold)

       IHC Grain Drill End-Plates

Antique International Harvester grain drill cast iron end plates, they measure about 17" x 19" and weigh 34 lbs. (Sold).

         IHC Grain Drill Side Plate

Antique International Harvester grain drill cast iron side adjustment plate, it measures about 10 1/2" x 1 1/2" and weighs 1 lb. (Sold).

IHC Grain Drill Dial Adjuster

Antique International Harvester grain drill cast iron Dial ajuster gear and casting, it measures about 4 1/2" x 5" and weighs 2 1/2 lbs. $20.

    Carriage or Sleigh Shaft Pole

Antique horse driving team shaft pole for wagon, carriage, sleigh, buggy, or wagonettes. It measures about 44" wide by 124" long, complete with pole end, good steel, good hardwood pole, ready to use again or for ceiling décor, (Sold).

         1902 Star Push Mower

Antique 1902 Star Taylor Forbes Co. Ltd. Guelph, On. cast iron wheels, still works, (Sold). 

       Steel Lawn Roller

Antique steel lawn roller, liquid or sand fill,                       18" diameter by 24" wide, $75. 

           Bull Cattle Nose Leads

Antique cattle bull cow nose leads, asking $25. each.                                     

          1886 Lang's Weeder

Antique 1886 Lang's hand weeder knife with cast iron handle, Mfg. By F.N. Lang seedsman, Baraboo WI. asking $25. (Sold to holdredgeenterprises.com)

   Wilkinson Sheep Shears

Wilkinson Sheep Shears

1) Antique Wilkinson sheep shears, made in England, Sound drummer boy, asking $30. 
2) Vintage sheep shears, no-name, $5. 

         Trenching Hoe Shovel

Antique adjustable angle trenching shovel, (Sold).

             Forged Hay Hook

Antique hand forged two handed hay or pulp hook,          asking $45.

     Cattle Livestock Brush

Vintage cattle livestock brush & comb, $10.

 Stewart Clipmaster Animal Shears

Vintage Sunbeam Stewart Clipmaster model 51-2 farm animal, sheep shears, (Sold).

           Brooder Heat Lamp

Afco-Lite model #111 brooder heat lamp with infra-red bulb, (Sold).


      Antique Peavey Parts

Antique Peavey Parts

Antique Peavey PartsAntique peavey parts to make your own peavey, asking $65.

            Log Lifter Grapple

Antique log lifter grapple that swivels, was used for building log houses,  (Sold).

       Brower #845 Egg Incubator

Vintage galvanized Brower #845 egg incubator, model #11400-3, 105 watts, 15" dia. x 7" high, (Sold).

    Red Jacket Water Pump

Antique Red Jacket cast iron water pump with 6' of pipe and pump cylinder, (Sold).

          Antique Corn Sheller

    Antique hand crank corn sheller grinder, (Sold).

    1903 Black Hawk Corn Sheller

Antique 1903 Black Hawk corn sheller, A.H. Patch from Clarksville Tennesee, it weighs about 13 lbs. Asking $220. 

       Log Skidding Tongs

Antique hand forged log skidding tongs,                          (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              

      Antique Corn Cob Shovel

Antique corn cob shovel, it measures about 9" wide x 50" tall, asking $65. 

            Horse Collar Hames

Two pairs of antique steel horse collar hames with brass balls, asking $30. for each pair.

     Horse Crossing Sign

Vintage style embossed Horse crossing sign, it measures about 13" x 13" , (Sold).                                                                                               

           BuzzSaw Mandrill

Vintage buzzsaw mandrill on pillow blocks, 1 1/2" dia. Shaft, 1" arbor with reverse thread nut with spacer washers, flat belt pulley is 7 1/2" dia. it weighs about 90 lbs. It measures about 38 " long. Was used with the tractor to cut firewood, (Sold).

           Cow Crossing Sign

Vintage cow crossing heavy steel actual road sign, it measures about 24" x 24" Never mind the Deer and the Moose, look out for the Cow!!! (Sold)              

 Vintage Dairy Cow Hobbles

Vintage set of cow anti-kickers for hand milking cows that kick, asking $20. 

        Antique Hay Pitch Forks

Three antique hay pitch forks or redneck fire pit  hotdog or marshmellow sticks, handles 60", 36" and 24" long, asking $30. each. (Longest one sold).

          Horse Collar Hames

Two pairs of antique horse collar hames, one wood pair and one steel pair, asking $30. for each pair.

  Heller Horse Teeth Float

Antique Heller Bros. Co. horse teeth float, to file down the teeth of horses, it measures 21" long with a 5" long rasp, (Sold).

      Double Team Whipple Trees

Antique double team whiffle tree with hand foorged hardwhare, asking $65.

       Antique Cast Iron Hanger

 Antique cast iron horse drawn single tree, 26 inches  long, great for hanging decorations, asking $85.

       Antique Whiffle Trees

 Antique horse drawn whiffle trees,                                                  asking $20. to $40.  each.

       Brush Grubbing Claws

Brush Grubbing Claws

Antique brush grubbing claws, great for pulling alders with the roots for clearing land, weighs 12 lbs.  $85.

           Logging Cant Hooks

1.) Vintage peavey modified to cant hook, 43" handle, asking $65.
2.) New old stock cant hook, 42" handle, (Sold).
3.) Vintage cant hook, 50" handle, asking $75.

       Log Skidding Tongs

Antique heavy duty skidding tongs for 8" to 24" diameter logs with 11" swivel, it weighs about 30 lbs. asking $200.

     Antique Track Door Rollers

 Antique barn door track rollers, they measure about         11 1/2" x 11 1/2", (Sold).

     Antique Track Door Rollers

1.) One F.E. Myers & Bro. Ashland O. Asking $75.
2.) One Beatty Bros. Limited, Fergus Canada, $75.
3.) One Richards-Wilcox, London Ontario, (Sold).

     Louden Machy Co.

Barn door track rollers

Antique Louden Machy Co. of Canada Ltd. Guelph The all right barn door track rollers (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                  

    Antique Barn Door Steel Track

Antique Barn Door Tracks

Antique barn door steel track, 8' & 10' long, good for up to 5' wide doors, used with above track door rollers, asking $10. a foot. Can be coupled together to make 18'

Antique Wood Extension 18' Ladder

Antique wood extension ladder, goes up to 18', it has two 10' sections, its in very good woorking condition or to be used as décor, asking $65.                                                      

Vintage Wood Step Ladders

                  2 Vintage 5' high step ladders,                         asking $25. each.                                                     1 vintage 10' high step ladder, (Sold)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   


Antique Corn Sheller

        Hand Crank Corn Sheller

Antique Corn Sheller

Antique hand crank corn sheller in working condition, asking $420. 

For Single Corn Cob    

Antique Corn Sheller



Antique Corn Sheller

    Hand Crank Corn Sheller Parts

Antique Corn Sheller

Antique hand crank corn sheller parts for double corn cobs, just missing the wood parts, asking $320.

For Double Corn Cob

Antique Corn Sheller


            D.C. Cumings 1855 

Antique D.C. Cumings Straw cutter, patented on Aug. 7, 1855 in Fulton, New York, Patent #13385.  

Straw Cutter

 (Sold to Farm Boys)                                                                                                                                                                              


   Waterloo Manufg. Company Ltd.

Antique Waterloo Manufg. Company Ltd. Hay chopper cutter hand crank machine, works good, asking $450. 

Hay Chopper


       Grain Cleaner Separator 

Antique hand crank grain cleaner separator machine.


(Sold to Farm Boys)

         Antique Manson Campbell Co.

     "Chatham Mill, Mfd. by the Manson Campbell Co.”

  1900-1910 Chatham Fanning Mill

Antique hand crank grain winnowing fanning machine

Winnowing Machine

(Sold to Farm Boys)

             1882 Cockshutt Hand Crank

  1882 Cockshutt Plow Co. Limited, Brantford Canada

      Turnip & Potato Root Crops

Hand crank turnips, & potatos root crops chopper, usually used to chop up for cattle or pigs feed, 

Chopper Cutter Machine

 (Sold to Farm Boys)                       , 

             1845 M. Moody & Sons Co.

1845 Antique M. Moody & Sons Co. Terrebonne, P.Q.

     Hand Crank Potato Separator 

        Hand crank potato separator sizer machine

Sizer Machine

          (Sold to 4-H potato club).


Antique Grain Hammer Mill

       Antique Grain Hammer Mill

Antique Grain Hammer Mill

Antique grain hammer mill, it measures about 20" x 24" x 30" high with a 4 1/2" flat belt pulley, (Sold). 


Antique Grain Hammer Mill


   GEHL Grind-All Hammer Mill

Vintage GEHL hammer mill, Mfg. by GEHL Bros. Mfg. Co. In West Bend Wisconsin, model #41, serial #34246, complete with galvanized hopper and feed bag holder shoot. All in good working condition, it was always stored inside.It has a flat belt pulley to run off your tractor. Asking $1200. 

      1920 M. Moody & Sons Co.

1920 Antique M. Moody & Sons Co. Terrebonne, P.Q.

         Victor Potato Digger

        Antique 1920 Victor potato digger, (Sold).

       Terrebonne, Québec 

Horse drawn machine with a tractor adapter on it.

                   1923 McCormick- Deering

                            1923 Antique McCormick- Deering

              Potato Picker

   Antique 1923 conveyor style potato picker, (Sold).

Horse Drawn     



  Antique Horse Drawn Cultivator

  Antique horse drawn riding cultivator, asking $220.


                          McCormick Deering

                 McCormick Deering International Harvester

     Grain & Fertilizer Seed Drill

Grain & fertilizer drill, it has 13 disc for an 84" wide seeding width. It looks to be complete and in working condition, (Sold)

 International Harvester

It has 46" steel wheels,wood box with                          cast iron ends, and is 104" wide with                                                a tractor tongue.                                                                                                                                                                

       Vintage International Harvester

   International Harvester, horse drawn, steel wheeled

     Potato Planter with Fertilizer 

             Vintage potato planter and fertilizer, 

Horse Drawn

           (Sold to 4-H potato club).                                

      Vintage International Harvester

   International Harvester, horse drawn, steel wheeled

      Potato Planter with Fertilizer

      Vintage potato planter and fertilizer, (Sold). 

  Horse Drawn

Horse drawn converted to a tractor tongue.

                                    Antique 1903  

OK Champion Potato Planter

  Champion Potato Machinery Co.  

OK Champion Potato Planter

Antique 1903 horse drawn potato planter, Made by Ok Champion Potato Machinery Co. Hammond Indiana, everything turns on it, (Sold).

Horse Drawn Potato Planter

OK Champion Potato Planter


      Horse Drawn Potato Planter

 Antique Champion horse drawn potato planter, missing parts, was a parts machine, asking $220.

Missing Parts

                              Massey Harris #33

                                          Antique Massey Harris #33

         Hay Cutter Sickle Mower

       Horse drawn hay cutter sickle mower, (Sold).

Horse Drawn

With a tractor tongue on it to pull with tractor.                                                                                                                                           

                                Vintage Massey Harris

         Steel Wheeled Trip Plough

Vintage Massey Harris steel wheeled two furrow trip breaking plow, (Sold)

Two Furrow Breaking Plow                                                                           

                                          Oliver E930

                                                                   Oliver E930

     Horse Drawn Walking Plow

Horse drawn one furrow walking plow, asking $120.

One Furrow

Needs new handles.                                                                                                                                                                              


                                                    Antique Horse drawn

     Steel Handled Walking Plow

        One furrow walking plow with steel handles

One Furrow


          Root Crop Picker

Horse Drawn Planter

  Antique horse drawn root crop picker, asking $220.

       Horse Drawn Cultivator

Antique horse drawn walking cultivator, makes a great lawn ornament or to use, asking $120.

         Horse Drawn Cultivator

Antique horse drawn walking cultivator, makes a great lawn ornament or restore handles to use (Sold).

       Cockshutt Potato Hiller

Vintage potato hiller made by Cockshutt, in good working condition (Sold to 4-H potato club).                                                                                               

     Antique Hi-Wheel Cultivator

Antique hi wheel garden cultivator that flips to use the reverse weed cutting blade, 24" diameter wheel, needs new wood handles, asking $125. 

   Horse Drawn Walking Cultivator

Antique horse drawn walking cultivator with steel handles in good usable condition, asking $220.

    Front Wheel Attachment

Antique steerable front wheel attachment for Horse drawn potato planters, (Sold).

       1895 Potato Hand Planter

Antique potato hand planter #2, patented June 11, 1895, (Sold).

        Antique Garden Seeder

 Antique walking garden seeder with cast iron wheels (Sold).

    Dobbins Seed Spreader

Vintage Dobbins Metal Hand Crank Seed / Fertilizer Spreader, (Sold).                                                                         

     Antique Brass Harness Bells

 Antique brass horse or dog harness bells from 1" to   2 1/2" diameter. 1" bells $5., 1 1/2" bells $8., 1 3/4"   bells $10., 2" bells (Sold)., and 2 1/2" bells (Sold).

              Burlap Feed Bags

 Vintage Co-op burlap feed bags, asking $5. each or   or 3 for $10. or 7 for $20. 

       Sickle Mower Blade

Vintage 76" sickle mower blade, asking $25.

      Antique Brass Sleigh Bells

Antique pair of brass under mount sleigh bells, they both have a different very nice tone, brackets are 11 3/4" long, (Sold).

        1942 Silo Grain Buckets

Vintage 1942 silo grain buckets conveyor belt, cut in sections of 4 to 5 buckets for wall décor like on Pinterest, these can be unbolted from the canvas belt to hang on a piece of barnwood also. asking $25. for a set of four buckets and $30. for a set of five.

         Antique Horse Shoes

Antique horseshoes, most are from very large work horses, asking $5. each                                     

   Brass Sleigh or Carriage Bells

Antique brass sleigh or carriage bells, 12" wide by 13" high, 6 beautiful sounding bells, (Sold).

         Antique Harness Bells

 Antique leather harness strap with brass bells, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

1912 Llewellins & James Bell

Antique 1912 Llewellins & James Ltd. Bristol England 12" diameter bronze brass bell, it weighs about 55 lbs. The hand forged stand measures 17" x 16" x 13",          (Sold).

          Horse Harness Tugs

Heavy duty set of nylon horse harness tugs or traces with D-rings. They measure 68" long by 1 3/4" wide, like new condition, (Sold). 

      Horse Harness Hardware

1.) Pony belly band with solid brass rings, (Sold).
2.) Harness hooks with D-ring & other (Sold).
3.) 15 solid nickel buckles & brass buckles, $25.
4.) 2 brass hanes balls & brass medalions (Sold).

      Horse Bridle & Bit 

 Horse bridle, raines, and bit, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        

            32' Logging Chain

 32' of 1/2" by 2 1/2" links, heavy logging chain with  slip & grab hooks, (Sold).

           12' Shipyard Chain

 Antique Industrial Shipyard chain 12' long with large slip rings at each end, 4 3/4" x 3 1/4" links 1" diameter, it weighs about 100 lbs. Asking $120. 

  2 Antique Logging Chains

 One 9 ' of 1/2" by 2 3/4" links antique logging chain  with slip ring on end, weighs 25 lbs.  &  One 10'  chain with ring & hook weighs 35 lbs (Sold)

     Seed Drill Drag Chains

 Antique Seed drill drag chains with 4" rings,                           asking $20. each.

           Antique Heel Chains

Antique heel chains, some with swivels and some with end rings, (Sold).

Heel Chains with Dee-Rings

Vintage sets of short heel chains with Dee-rings, for horse harness, asking $20. each.                                           

              3 Small Chains 

3 small chains with hooks

3 small chains with hooks at each end, they measure 9', 12', and 14' long, asking $20. each


   Church Window Wood Shutter

Antique church window wood shutter, it measures about 42" x 60",it has the nice barnwood weathered look, would make a nice headboard for a bed. (Sold)


      Bob Sleigh Bunks & Beams

Hand hewn bob sleigh bunks and barn beams, would make a nice rustic coffee table, asking $85. each.

           1904 Clay Bricks

1904 Clay bricks, great for making an accent wall in a basement rec-room or for an inside restaurant wall, asking $1. each, we have about 2000 available.

  Massey-Harris 44 & 44K Manual

 Antique 1950's Massey Harris 44 & 44K tractor repair parts  list manual, 154 pages. (Sold).

   Massey-Harris 16 Pacer Manual

1956 Massey Harris #16 Pacer tractor repair parts list  manual, 60 pages, (Sold).

Massey-Harris Transplanter & Disc 

 Massey Harris 1949 transplanter #3A &                 1951 disc plow  #400 repair parts list                            manual, asking $30.