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                                                   Antique & Vintage Lighting

                                                                        Steam-Punk Industrial Table Lamp

 Custom made steam punk industrial table lamp, made with an explosion proof caged light with a hinged base and explosion proof switch from a decommissioned gold mine in the North West Territories, an antique 7 1/2" diameter brass Bourdon vacuum gauge from American Steam Gauge & Valve Co. a 100 year old bulbous brass steam  pressure release valve, an antique 1917 stainless steel physicians hospital 2 1/2"  oxygen pressure  gauge, an antique solid brass water spigot, an antique solid brass hydraulic spigot and brass peep sight oil gauge, plus numerous solid brass, stainless steel and iron fittings. All completely rewired to 120 volts with a 60 watts led vintage style Edison bulb in it and a remote control switch. It stands about  28" tall by 16" wide by 12" deep.

                                                                                            Asking $620.

       1966 Ford Mustang GT 

 Mustang front chrome  metal  grill with  mustang  pony,  corral  & fog  light  lamps  housing with  new  bulbs, lights  work and  looks good in the  house  for a  kool  man  cave or for  your  garage, it measures  about 40  inches wide.    (Sold).

       Rustic Farm Lighting

 Rustic farm lighting made with an antique   48" horse drawn whiffle tree with two   vintage 12" green porcelain enamel globes   hung with two antique heel chains, wired   with vintage style twisted wire and a vintage solid brass Emco Wheaton hydrant cover for a ceiling canopy, asking $320.

  Antique Hay Trolley hanging lighting

  Made from an antique Beatty Bros. Pacific  Car hay trolley, from Fergus  Canada, with  drop down cage lights and switch. It weighs  about 65 lbs.  (Sold)

                       1909 Hay Trolley hanging cage light

 Antique Hay Trolley hanging cage lighting, made from an antique 1909 Beatty             Bros. Limited wood beam hay trolley, from Fergus Canada, with drop down               vintage style cage lights, it has cloth covered round electrical cord and a switch           each light. Measures 28" x 22" high, weighs about 45 lbs. (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            

                       1898 Hay Trolley hanging cage light

 Antique Hay Trolley hanging cage lighting, made from an antique 1898. Emerson               & Campbell #7 hay trolley, Tweed, Ont. with drop down pulley, with drop down         vintage style cage lights, it has cloth covered round vintage style electrical cord             and a switch on each light. It measures about 30" wide by 24" high and weighs           about 35 lbs. (Sold).

                         1909 Hay Trolley hanging cage light

 Antique Hay Trolley hanging cage lighting, made from an antique 1909 Beatty Bros. Limited wood beam hay trolley, from Fergus Ont. Canada, with original drop down pulley and vintage style cage lights, it has cloth covered round electrical cord and a switch at each light. Comes with two blacksmith forged hooks to hang it with and two vintage style led light bulbs. Measures about 30" x 22" high, it weighs about 45 lbs.  (Sold)


                    1909 Hay Trolley hanging cage light

 Antique Hay Trolley hanging cage lighting, made from an antique 1909 Beatty Bros. Limited steel beam hay trolley, from Fergus Ont. Canada, with original drop down pulley and vintage style cage lights, it has vintage style cloth covered two strand electrical cord and a switch at each light. With a 34" long wood whipple tree with two 17" long heel chains that hang it up with and two vintage style led light bulbs. It measures about 30" x 22" high, it weighs about 45 lbs. (Sold). 


        Railroad Railway Crossing Light

 Vintage railway crossing light on a heavy antique  industrial cast iron stand. It swivels and the height      is adjustable from 5 1/2' to 8' tall. The light is 20"  diameter and the red lens is 8" diameter.                                                  (Sold)


       Antique Street Light

 Antique cast iron hanging street   light with the porcelain insulators,   rewired to 120 volts, outdoor wiring,   with an explosion proof switch, it   measures 15" diameter by 16" tall,                    asking $2200.


  Swan Neck Wall Sconce


Vintage industrial cast iron Swan neck wall sconce made from an industrial machine, it measures 26" x 18", it weighs about 22 lbs. asking $220.



 1910 Antique Street Light

Antique 1905-1910 cast iron hanging Chicago street light with 20" diameter green porcelain enamel radial wave ruffled reflector globe, it has porcelain insulators on the cast iron head, with hanging logging chain, wired to 120 volts, asking $420.


             Theater Spotlight

Vintage hanging ellipsoidal reflector theater spotlight, with red ceiling mount quick release mounting pipe, works super bright, asking $320. 

          Hanging Shop Light

Vintage hanging 12" diameter porcelain enamel globe shop light with chain and brass wheel steel pulley, wired 120 volts and comes with a vintage style LED light bulb, asking $180.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     

   Antique Wall Sconce

Hang anywhere antique wall sconce & shade with plug-in cord, the cast iron wall plate measures about  9" x 2 1/2", asking $40.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

      Vintage Ships Spot Light

Vintage heavy cast aluminum ships spot light on a heavy cast iron base telescopic pole, its wired to 120 volts, the light is about 17" diameter, it stands about 7' to 10' feet tall, it is super bright, asking $820.


       CNR Railway Crossing Light

Vintage CNR railway crossing light on a heavy cast iron stand. It comes with an antique CNR lantern, an antique CNR oil can, and an antique CNR telegraph insulutor. It stands from 6 1/2' to 7' feet tall, The light is 20" diameter and the red lens is 8" diameter, it is wired to 120 volts and lights up in the red lens.The stand has brackets for a shelf to hold all your train décor, it is on casters to move around easily.                                            asking $760.


  Antique Hanging Light

 1920's mechanics wood handled caged trouble light    on an antique 9" well pulley hanging on a wrought    iron bracket, (Sold)           

   Insulator Sconce Light

 Grampa's antique insulator wall sconce lamp with  plug-in and switch, asking $45. It has an led vintage  style edison bulb in it which is $12. extra.                                                                                  

Industrial Tripod Spotlight

 Industrial spotlight on adjustable industrial tri-pod. The  spotlight is a vintage nautical anti vibration Phoenix  Sturdilite marine boat or ships search light or spot  light, Model No. SRS-400-M, (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

                Railway Lamp

 Antique railroad railway crossing table lamp, the base is made with black iron, brass & galvanized industrial pipe fittings, it has an 8" diameter red glass globe & stands about 15" high. The light works and has the original DC lights inside, it comes with a DC transformer. It could be set in the middle of your model train tracks and made to turn on when the train passes. Asking $280.

          Industrial Shop Light

 Vintage hanging industrial shop factory light, 16"      diameter green porcelain enamel globe with a double socket  cluster with 2 vintage style light bulbs, it hangs with a heavy chain and has vintage style twisted wire,  asking $180.                                                                                                          

   Tri-pod Railway Light

Vintage railroad railway crossing light on a wood tri-pod, it has an 8" diameter red globe, wired to 120 volts. working  light, asking $260.          

 1910 Fire Alarm Call Box Light

Antique Northern Electric Company Limited, fire alarm call box, with porcelain enamel globe light, 45 lbs. cast iron box & key,  (Sold)

  CNR RailRoad Lantern Light

Antique CNR Railroad switch lantern, Piper Montreal with 4 glass lens, with 120 volt light inside, with an antique cast iron stand,  lantern measures 9 1/2" x 9 1/2" x 15", .and is 48" high with the stand, (Sold)

    Mathews Studio Spotlight

Vintage Mathews studio equipment tripod from Hollywood California with a pastel green Steber industrial theater stage spotlight. 9" diameter glass lens with 300 watts bulb          (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                             

    Antique Floor Lamp

Antique floor lamp with heavy cast iron base, milk glass globe with 3-way bulb 100-200-300 watts, (Sold).

   Penberthy Steam whistle Lamp

 Antique 2 1/2" diameter x 12" tall Penberthy steam   whistle made into a lamp with a 14" antique green   porcelain enamel shade with old vintage cloth bond   twisted wire on a 7" x 7" hard wood base, the lamp   stands 26" tall, asking $320.

     Antique forged Lamp

 Antique blacksmith forged lamp with table,                     and vintage style cloth bond wire and switch,                       it is 62" high, asking $320. 

    Hanging Insulator Lights 

 Two antique green insulator lights on an antique       7" steel well pulley hanging from a heavy cast iron   bracket, asking $125.

        Antique Bridge Lamp

 Antique 1920's cast iron bridge lamp, floor lamp,   Made by B. B. In Toronto, it measures 60" high,     with tulip shape globe, asking $95.

   Antique Pot Rack W/Lights

Hanging antique 15 1/2" diameter steel wheel pot rack that rotates with 3 vintage industrial caged lights on top and an industrial cage light on the bottom. It comes with ten 4" meat hooks that hang off the antique steel wheel to hang your kitchen gadgets and light pans. It hangs down 31",  (Sold)

       Vintage Industrial Lights

1.) Two Crouse-Hinds explosion proof industrial dark   red lights with light sockets $65. each.
2.) Two Crouse-Hinds explosion proof industrial light   red lights, missing light sockets, $45. each.

      Explosion Proof Mine Lights

1.) One explosion proof wall mount cage light,  (Sold) 
2.) One explosion proof ceiling mount cage light, $60.

    Two Industrial Spot Lights

1.) Vintage Industrial explosion proof bullet style spot light,  Crouse Hinds RAB, (Sold).
2.) Vintage Circle-D mdel 150,  with led spotlight bulb, firemans portable rescue light, (Sold)

    EV264 Explosion Proof Lights

Two industrial explosion proof Crouse-Hinds EV264 lights, complete with sockets, asking $95. each.

    Mine Explosion Proof Lights

3 huge explosion proof lights, they measure 10" at the base and  14" to 17" tall, all (Sold).                                                                  

       Outdoor Shop Light

Vintage outdoor shop light made of heavy cast aluminum with a very thick globe, it weighs about           10 lbs. asking $65.                                                                                                                                     

           Antique Wall Sconces

Antique heavy cast iron wall sconces with porcelain sockets, asking $65. for the pair.

        Vintage Propane Lights

 Vintage wall mount propane indoor lights with   globes,Valor & Verita, asking $20. each                     

       Eagle Eye Spotlight

Vintage 1940's eagle eyed bullet style with cast iron clamp-on swivel spotlight, it has vintage style clothbond 8' long wire, asking $95.                            

   Dietz Traffic Gard Lantern Light

Vintage Dietz #40 traffic guard lantern with red Dietz globe, converted to 120 volt light, made in Syracuse New York, USA, asking $65.

   Antique Carriage Wall Sconces

Antique set of Carriage wall sconces lights with heavy cast iron wall brackets, beveled glass, asking $140. for the pair.

   Antique Table Lamp

Antique victorian style porcelain table lamp,                   needs to be rewired, asking $25.

          Antique Desk Lamps

 Antique cast iron base bent neck desk lamps, both work, asking $65. each, 

        Antique Industrial Light

  Antique heavy cast iron industrial outdoor light      from an old school, it takes a 6" diameter globe,          it measures 15" x 7" x 10"  and weighs 9 lbs. (Sold)

         Retro Desk Lamp

   Retro red & chrome desk lamp, (Sold)

     Powerlite Portable Spotlight

Vintage Powerlite Cat. No. AFR40-500, anti-vibration spotlight, can be screwed down or portable, all cast iron with a bakelight handle, asking $60.

      1920's Antique Trouble Light

 1920'S antique american industrial trouble light with   a maple wood handle, vintage twisted wire,, (Sold).

  Porcelain Enamel Globes

Four industrial porcelain enamel globes, one           20" dia. x 11 1/2" high, one 14" dia. x 6" high,          two 12" dia. x 7" high, asking $35. To $65. each.   Some are sold.

  Asahi Beer Breweries LED Sign

Asahi Breweries Limited, Japan beer bar pub LED lighted acrylic sign, 26" x 23", (Sold).

    Schlitz Beer Tavern Bar Light

Vintage Schlitz Beer Tavern Bar Light, The horizontal sides measure about 19", and the vertical sides are about 13.25". asking $75.

  Vintage 1960's Pepsi Sign

Vintage 1960's lighted Pepsi sign, measures                   27 1/2" x 12 1/4" x 2", (Sold).                                                                                                  

             Miners Lanterns

1.) Hockley Lamp & Lime Light Company miners solid brass miners safety lantern, (Sold).
2.) British Coal Mining Company Wales U.K. solid brass miners safety lantern, asking $95.

         Antique Bicycle Lanterns

1.) Powell & Hanmer, Birmingham England, Revenge   carbide bicycle lantern, asking $120.
2.) No name, small carbide bicycle lantern, $60.
3.) 1914 WW1 army issue, Lucas Petroleum Silver   King bicycle lantern, asking $220.

Tilley R.R. Inspection Lantern

Antique Tilley British railway inspection lantern       with handle, made in England, (Sold).

   Antique Carriage Buggy Lantern

Antique square carriage buggy or automobile lantern,   with round red side glass, asking $85.

        Two Railroad Lanterns

1.) One red 1920's C.P.R lantern, The Hirams L. Piper Co. Ltd. with Adlake Kero short globe, (Sold)
2.) One 1920's E.T. Wright & Co. Mfrs. Hamilton, Ont. Railway lantern, (Sold)

        Tilley Lantern Heater

 Antique Tilley model R1 British lantern heater       with copper handle & chrome reflector,                       made in England, asking $25.

              Antique Lanterns

1.) 1950 G.S.W. quality Beacon Lantern, (Sold).
2.) 1933 G.S.W. quality Beacon Lantern, (Sold).
3.) 1922 S.M.P. Co. Beacon Lantern, asking $65.
4.) 1925 .S.M.P. quality Beacon Lantern, asking $75.
5.) Dietz No.2 D-Lite with red globe, asking $85.

         1947 Coleman Lantern

 Antique 1947 No. 242B sport lite Coleman, single  mantle gas lantern, The sunshine of the night,      Made in Canada, seafoam green, copper tank &  Coleman iron, with Coleman iron trivet, (Sold).

       Dietz Vesta Railroad lantern

1.) One red 1920's C.P.R lantern, The Hirams L. Piper Co. Ltd. with Adlake Kero short globe, $75.
2.) 1933 G.S.W. quality Beacon red globe (Sold).
3.) Dietz Vesta New York USA railroad lantern, also says it on globe, in mint condition,  $95.

              Antique Lanterns

 Two 1933 G.S.W. quality Beacon Lanterns with red  globes, asking $85. each.

        #40 Traffic Gard lantern

Antique Embury Manufacturing Co. #40 Traffic Guard  lantern with red globe, made in Warsaw, New York  USA. asking $45.

  Ships Stern Lantern

Antique Ships galvanized stern side lantern, it measures 9 1/2" x 7 1/2" x 18 1/2" , weighs 11 lbs, made by H.L. Piper, asking $320.

  1859 Kenyons Serilight Lantern

Antique 1859 Kenyons serilight lens lamp, railroad & road danger lantern, Alexander Kenyon & Co. Ltd. It measures 6" x 6" x 16",  Has red glass lens, (Sold).

       Antique Hurricane Lamps

Two antique hurricane lamps, one small one with wall mount bracket and reflector .Both (Sold)

       Coleman Lanterns

1) 1969 Coleman model 335, asking $25. 
2) Coleman model 222A backpack lantern,                       asking $20.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

 Antique Coleman Stove & Lantern

1) Antique 1920 Coleman #327 Quick lite lantern, with mica globe, Made in Toronto Canada, asking $220.
2) Antique cast iron coleman stove with copper tank, asking $320. 

         Dietz D-Lite #2 Lantern

Dietz D-Lite #2 Lantern, New York USA. asking $75.