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                                     Name that Mystery Tool ?

                    If you know the mystery tool or you have a mystery tool you would like to have identified, email us.

                      Mystery Tool #1 is a leather cutter slitting plough gauge with brass roller & ferrule.

  Mystery Tool #2, is a J. Bryce's  hand crank, clamp on, table top spinning wheel, it was patented in Sept. 24, 1872 

   Mystery Tool #3, Made by Star Tool Co. Its for adjusting and replacing Model T Ford transmission bands.


  Mystery Tool #4, "EVER READY" Tenoning Machine, patent Oct.17, 1911 by Samuel N. House of St. Louis, Missouri .

    Mystery Tool #5, help us identify this tool ? The grapple holder slides up & down and turns around the pipe.

Mystery Tool #6, help us identify this tool or part ? It is made of heavy cast iron, it's about 13" tall and 13" in diameter with 2" square openings.

                                                               Mystery Tool #7, help us identify this tool ?