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                                                   Hardware & Parts

       Two 24" Industrial Hinges

Two 24" industrial, steel & cast iron hinges, would be good for a log house door, asking $100. for the pair.

       Two 28" Industrial Hinges

Two 28" industrial hinges from a walk-in cooler, made of stainless steel & galvanized steel, asking $80. for the pair.

      Pintle Type Strap Hinges

Antique hand forged barn door & gate pintle strap hinges and pins, asking $5. to $20. each.

             Antique 15" Hinges

        Set of 15" antique hinges, asking $45.

            Antique 18" Hinges

         Set of 18" x 7" antique hinges, asking $75.

         Industrial Pull Latch

One heavy duty Industrial cast iron pull latch, it measures 14" long by 3 1/2" wide by 1 1/4" high, asking $40.

        Industrial Lever Latch

One industrial cast iron lever latch pull door handle, it measures 11" long by 4 1/2" wide by 4" high, made by Kason Howe Corp. asking $40.

      Industrial Turn Latch

 One small industrial door or gate turn latch, it  measures 5 1/2" long by 3" wide by 3 1/2" high,  asking $20.

     Antique Turn Handle Latch

One antique black inside and outside turn handle latch, for doors up to 2" thick, asking $25.

       Forged Handle with Latch

 Antique blacksmith forged handle with thumb latch,  asking $35.

 Antique Door Knob Handles

Antique glass and cast iron door knobs and hardware, asking $20. to $30. each. (Some are sold )

          Cast Iron Stove Legs


 Set of four antique heavy cast iron stove legs,  asking  $40.

Cast Iron Stove Chimney Parts

1.) 9" by 4 1/2" oblong chimney adapter for flat stove top, $20.
2.) 8" by 4" oblong chimney adapter for round barrel stove top, $20.
3.) 5 1/2" by 4 1/2" oblong chimney for end of stove adapter, $20.

   Two cast iron brick vents


Two cast iron brick vents for fireplace, chimney or outside stove. They measure 2 5/8" high by 8" wide by 2" deep,asking $25. for the pair.

      Cast Iron Bathtub Feet

 Antique heavy cast iron eagle claw bathtub feet, the  front two are smaller than the back two on the tub, asking $50.

   Cast Iron Chimney Dampers

Four chimney dampers, 4", 5", & 8" , asking $10. to $15. each                                                                      

       16 Barn Track Brackets

16 antique cast iron barn track rail, eve mounting brackets for hay trolley, by B. T. Bros. They measure about 7" x 4", asking $5. each.                                   

        Antique Treddle Pulley

     Antique treddle pulley, 12" diameter, asking $30.

     Antique Track Door Rollers

Two antique cast iron barn door track roller brackets, one is a Richards-Wilcox & one Beatty Bros. Limited, asking $160. for the two.

   Vintage Track Door Rollers

Two vintage steel barn door track roller brackets, asking $80. for the pair.

        Antique Treddle Peddle

     Antique cast iron treddle peddle, asking $35.

   Solid Brass Port Hole Windows

    Three solid brass ships port hole windows with  screens, they have some old white paint on some.
1.) One 17" x 10", weighs 13 1/2 lbs. asking $120.
2.) Two 15" x 8", weighs 12 1/2 lbs. asking $80. each.

    Solid Brass Cover Plate

Antique Emco Wheaton 2 lbs. solid brass threaded cover plate, it measures 6 1/4" dia. x 7/8" thick with   4" dia. inside threads, asking $25.

         Cast Iron Floor Grates

1.)  Antique cast iron floor grate,  it measures            16 1/2" x 13 3/4", asking $45. 
2.)  Vintage cast iron floor grate,  it measures            16 1/2" x 13 3/4", (Sold).

        Stove Pipe Floor Grate

 Antique cast iron, 3 piece, venting stove pipe floor  grate, manufactured by the James Smart M.F.G.  Company, Brookville Ont. 15 1/2" diameter,        asking $85. 

   8" Cast Iron Venting Grate

 Antique 8" diameter round cast iron venting floor or  wall grate, made to go in a 7" hole, (Sold)

         Antique Cast Iron Grate

  Antique heavy ornate cast iron venting floor or wall  grate, 16 1/2" x 13 1/4" x 2 3/4" thick, from an old  church, it weighs abut 20 lbs. asking $65.

         Cast Iron Machine Door

Antique heavy cast iron steel machine door of The American Tool Works Co. USA. it measures 23" x 16" and wieghs about 32 lbs. asking $65.

      Cast Iron Cover Plate

Vintage heavy cast iron steel cover plate, it measures  9" x 6 3/4" x 3/4" and weighs about 10 lbs. It has  50SC-S & 3-74, asking $25.

        Antique Pike Pole Ends

Antique pike pole or peavey ends, asking $20. each.   

              Harness Hooks

1.) 3 cast iron threaded harness hooks, $20. each.
2.)  2 hammer in spiked curved harness hooks, $20.   

             Coat Hooks

1.) 4 antique solid brass hooks, $20. for all 4.
2.) Cast iron 6 hooks,swivel bracket, (Sold)

    Cast Iron Barn Door Handles

 Antique pair of heavy cast iron handles that were on  our sliding barn door, they measure 12" x 5 1/2",  asking $25. each or both for $45.

       Antique Cast Iron Handles

1.) CNR heavy cast iron boxcar handle, (Sold).
2.) Antique cast iron handle, (Sold).

              Old Handles

All types of old handles, asking $5. to $10. each.

 Forged Hooks, Snap & Cast Rings

1.) Two small 6 1/2" S-hooks, asking $20. 
2.) Two large 12 1/2" double S-hooks, (Sold).
3.) One long 10 1/2" hand forged S-hook, asking $20.
4.) One long 12" hand forged snap, asking $25.
5.) Set of 3 cast iron 3 1/2" rings, asking $25.

      Vintage Brackets & Hooks

1.) 2 antique cast iron brackets 12 1/2",  (Sold).
2.) 2 small antique brackets,  (Sold)
3.) 1 huge harness or saddle hook, 9" x 7 1/2", $45.
4.) 2 cast iron threaded harness hooks, $20. each.
5.) 4 antique square spike nails, 8" to  9", $10. each.
6.) 4 antique solid brass garment hooks, $20. for all 4.
7.) 2 cast iron hooks, 6 1/2" x 3 1/2",  (Sold)
8.) 2 hammer in spiked curved harness hooks,  $20.  
9.) 6 cast iron hooks, 7" x 4",  (Sold)
10.) The other odd antique single hooks are $5. each.

        Logging Tools Parts 

1.) Cant hook or peavey part, (Sold).
2.) 3 pike pole ends,  All 3 (Sold).
3.) 1 pike pole end, made by Disston, (Sold)
4.) 2 hammer in hooks, were in the barn to hold the harness. asking $20. for the pair.

    Blacksmith Forged Ring Hook

 Antique Blacksmith forged quick release ring hook,  asking $120.

         Large Cast Iron Bracket

 Large cast iron bracket, 16 3/4" long x 10" high,  asking $45.

      Huge Cast Iron Hook

One huge cast iron vintage style harness or saddle hook, 9" x 7 1/2", asking $45.

     Horse Harness Hardware

1.) Pony belly band with solid brass rings, asking $20.
2.) Harness hooks with D-ring & other parts, asking $10. each.
3.) All the buckles, 15 solid nickel buckles & brass buckles, asking $25.
4.) 2 brass horse hanes balls and 2 brass medalions, asking $25.

             Industrial Hooks

Industrial hooks, farm tractor draw bar hooks, chain fall hooks, skidder hook, antique logging hook, etc.. asking $25. each.

       Hand Crank Handles

Antique hand crank handles, asking $20. each.

        Antique Scythe Handles

Two pairs of antique scythe snath handles, $20. per pair.

          Ball Roller Wheels

Nine 1" ball roller wheels, asking $40.

Five 1 1/2" ball roller wheels, asking $50.

      Old Knobs & Handles

Antique cast iron, brass & alluminum knobs and handles, asking $10. to $20. each.

   3 Cast Iron Industrial Casters

Three heavy duty industrial 6" diameter cast iron swivel casters on bearings with grease fittings, asking $60. for the 3.

       2 Soap Box Derby Wheels

Two 12" diameter by 1 3/4" soap box derby wheels, asking $40. for the 2.

2 Aluminum Industrial Wheels

Two 8" diameter aluminum with hard rubber industrial wheels with grease fittings, 3/4" bore, asking $40. for the 2

       Antique Cast Iron Wheels

Set of two antique cast iron 4 1/2" wheels on small axle with wood frame, (Sold)

       Antique Cast Iron Casters

Set of 2 small antique cast iron casters, asking $20.

    Antique Cast Iron Wheel

 One antique cast iron 6" wheel with 1" center hole,  asking $30.

         Nautical Light Fixtures

 Antique nautical ships light fixture, one side red and  the other side blue. It measures 9" x 4 1/2" x 3 1/4"    and one red & blue globe, both (Sold).

 Antique Cast Iron Fishing Spear

 Antique cast iron fishing spear, it measures 9 1/2"  long by 3" wide, (Sold)                                                                                                                                           

    Northill Seaplane Anchor

 1933 Antique 6 lb. Northill Co. Inc. Seaplane or boat  anchor type-3R Certified  ductilon ,Los Angeles Calif.  U.S. Pat. 2075827RE21841, Anchor measures        18" lg. x 13" across the flukes, asking $75.                                                                                       

       Antique Flush Door Bolts

 Pair of antique solid brass 6" flush door bolts,      asking $25.

                   Fire Alarm Bell

Vintage industrial fire alarm bell, Adaptabel #340, 115 volts, Edwards of Canada Limited, asking $45.

Antique Scale Weights & Hangers

 Antique balance scale weights & hangers,                      asking $5. to $20. each. Some are sold.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                    

             Industrial Plug-ins

2 industrial 3 phase plug ins left, asking $30. each.

Scaffolding Safety Rail Clamps

Scaffolding aluminum safety railing clamps and foot, these are made to clamp onto the scaffolding and hold a 3/4 inch pipe to make the railing system. There are enough for 29 clamps and there is 3 of the feet. Asking $50. for all of them.

     Westinghouse Watthour Meter

Westinghouse watt hour meter, single phase, 15 amps,240 volts, 3 wire, asking $120.

   1948 Farmhouse Kitchen Sink

Antique 1948 farmhouse kitchen sink with taps, porcelain cast iron, it measures 22 3/4" x 42" wide with drainboard and back splash, it needs a good cleaning, asking $320.

       5/8" Crosby Turnbuckles

 Two Crosby 5/8" turnbuckles with 12" adjustments  with eye & hook ends, asking $30. each.

         Antique Forged Spikes

  Antique forged square spike nails, asking $10. each

      Cast Iron Water Jacket

 Antique wood cookstove cast iron water jacket for  inside firebox, it measures 19" by 9 3/4" by 1 3/4",  sold as is, asking $20.

        Antique Brass Hand Rail

    Antique 35" long solid brass handrail, asking $55.

          Swendeman Relief Valve

 Swendeman bronze steam or air pressure relief valve,      1/2" intake, 120 set, asking $40.

         Antique Brass Ballcocks

Antique solid brass ballcocks, toilet tank parts, asking $20. each. Most are brand new old stock parts, great for repairing antique toilets with original parts or for steam punk décor.                                                                           

               Pressure Gauges

13 brand new in box, Winters Instrument stainless steel case gauges for most commercial air, water and steam service. Comes standard with a recalibration screw. +/-1% accuracy. CRN registered.
1.) #323, 0-100 PSI/KPA, 4.5" dia. x 1/4" bottom NPT.     8  available. (Sold)
2.) #Q442, 0-100 PSI/KPA, 4.5" dia. x 1/4" back NPT, asking $30. each, 4 available.
3.) #741. LF/BR, quality series 0-100 PSI/KPA, 4" dia. x 1/4" back NPT, Glycerin filled, asking $50.. 

      Our Steam Punk Rack

Used brass & steel steam punk gauges, meters and fittings of all types, asking $10. to $80. each.                                                 

New & Used Steam Punk Gauges

New & used steam punk steam pressure gauges, this is less then 1/4 of the new price, asking $10. to $80. each.                                            

    1924 Kewanee Boiler Guage

 1924 Kewanee Boiler Corporation steam pressure gauge, 10 1/4" diameter, 8 lbs. asking $320.

       1906 Crosby Steam Gauge

1906 Crosby Steam cage & Valve Co. pressure   gauge, 7 3/4" diameter, 6 lbs. asking $220.

      Westinghouse Guage

1917 Westinghouse brass pressure gauge,                4 1/2" diameter, 2 lbs. (Sold).

    Hand Crank 5 Bar Magneto

 Antique 1800's desk top hand crank electric 5 bar  magneto, electrical generator on wood plaque with  solid brass hand crank gears, (Sold).

      Hand Crank 2 Bar Magneto

 Antique 1800's hand crank electric 2 bar magneto,  electrical generator with solid brass hand crank gears,  asking $60.

   Speed Control Foot Peddle

Antique 115 volts speed control foot peddle, (Sold).

      Porcelain Light Fixtures 

1.) Two 1923 Benjamin, porcelain light fixtures,    asking $45. each..
2.) Two 1904 Star No. 500 porcelain & brass socket  cluster, asking $50. each.

       Frankenstein Knife Switches

1.) One large Frankenstein antique knife switch, (Sold) 
2.) Two small antique knife switches, $20. each . 

1945 Taylor Boiler Thermometer

1945 Taylor Industrial cast iron temperature gauge boiler thermometer, asking $60.

    Push button & Toggle Switch

  Antique push button and toggle switch,  $25. each.

           Industrial Switches

1.) Cutler-Hammer Forward, reverse drum switch, $40 
2.) Arrow-Hart Cat. 6115 stop start AC-DC switch, $40 3.) General Electric CR1061 motor starting switch, $40
4.) Vari-Speed KBWC-110.speed controller switch, $20
5.) NuTone 860C 3-speed fan AC switch, asking $40.

   Durant Electrical Counter

Durant model 4-SP-1-MF, 115-Volts AC, asking $120.

             Antique Faucets

      Antique single faucets, asking $20. each.

        Automatic Greasers

4 new automatic greasers, made to replace the grease fittings, asking $10. each or all 4 for $30.

     Diamond Core Bits

Four 1" diamond core bits, Three 1 1/2" diamond core bits, one 1 1/4" diamond core bit, asking $20. each.

           WrapLock Strapping 

 Vintage Hanler Corp Wraplock Tin 1/4" Steel  Strapping Banding Kit, asking $25.

    Air Filter-Regulator-Lubricator

1.) One used MP MASTER PNEUMATIC FILTER 2720278 FD100 3/4" NPT. asking $30.
2.) One used Norgren combination Filter-Regulator-Lubricator with wall bracket, asking $80.

 Burndy K2C28 Servit Post™

Burndy K2C28 Servit Post™ Mechanical Grounding Connector; 1-4/0 AWG Solid or Stranded, 5/8-11 x 3/4 Inch, Copper Alloy, asking $40. each.

          32' of Logging Chain

 32' of 1/2" by 2 1/2" links, heavy logging chain with  slip & grab hooks, asking $200. 

       3 Antique Logging Chains

Two 9 ' of 1/2" by 2 3/4" links antique logging chain  with slip ring on end, and one 13' chain, (Sold). 

           10' Chain & Hooks

10' of 3/8"  by 1 1/2" links, binder chain with slip & grab hook, asking $40.

 Hot Line Tap Grounding Clamps

Solid brass or bronze Hot Line Tap Clamps are live line tools compatible for distribution tap connections on overhead high voltage live electrical wires. The grounding clamps were to ensure a good ground. Asking $20. each for the 3 smaller ones and $30. for the medium sized one and $40. for the larger one or $80. for all 5.

                Crosby Clevises

Heavy duty crosby clevises, two of them are 1-1/8" shackle and the extra large one is 1-1/2" shackle and is missing the pin, the rest are 1/2" to 7/8" shackles. Asking $5. to $20. each.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                       

              2 Sling Chokers

Two used 3/8 inch wire sling chokers, two of them are 3 foot long and one 6 foot long. Asking $35. for two 3 footers. The 6 footer (Sold).                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               

              Trunnion Spring Bars

30" long, heavy duty, trunnion equalizer bars  for weight distribution trailer hitch, weigh 30 lbs. (Sold).

     Satin Nickle Door Knocker

Brand New Baldwin door knocker in the box, says forged brass #0185 on the box, its a satin nickel finish on solid brass. It cost $45. new, asking $20.

Antique Brass, Glass & Aluminum

 Antique glass door knobs, aluminum Deutz handles &      solid brass handles, asking $20. per pair.                                                                                                                                                                                                  

          Folding Table Legs

 Set of 4 folding 29" steel corner table legs, asking $25.

             Angled Table Legs

   Set of 4 angled 29" steel table legs, asking $20.

   4 Cast Iron Machine Legs

Four antique cast iron machinery legs, they measure 29" high by 20 1/2" wide. (Sold)

          Cast Iron Stand Legs

 Antique small cast iron Silverwoods stand legs, they  measure 17 1/2" wide x 12" high, and weigh about    10 lbs. each, asking $120.

   Cast Iron Fleur de Lis Spindles

 Four antique heavy cast iron 30" long spindles, fleur  de lis and a star design, they weigh about 30 lbs.  asking $240. for all 4.

   Cast Iron Storage Rack

Antique cast iron line shaft pulley rod free standing storage rack, made by W.S. Yohe in Canton Ohio. They measure   14 1/2" wide x 50" high & weigh about 100 lbs. each. (Sold) to Forged in Fire.

         Adjustable Tank Stand

Antique 1910 adjustable cast iron water tank stand,

Made by Fittings Limited, Oshawa Ontario,

10" to 13" dia. x 7 1/2" high, asking $45.

      1891 Mechanical Counter

Antique 1891 cast iron bristol mechanical counter,

The Root Co. Bristol, Conn. USA. asking $120.

      Pneumatic Air Cylinders

3 used pneumatic air cylinders

from a decommissioned gold mine

storage warehouse. Asking $30. for all 3.

   Industrial Allen-Bradley Switch

Industrial cast iron Allen Bradley start stop push button switch, size 0, type 7 & 9, 3 phase, series #609 ALWA, it measures about 9" x 6" x 6" and weighs 20 Lbs. (Sold).

  Allen Bradley On-Off switch

Allen Bradley on-off switch with a 71A83, 220/240 volt starter coil in it, it measures 9" x 6 3/4" x 4 1/4", asking $40.

   Locking Electrical Junction Box

Locking electrical steel box with key, it has 12 knockout holes on the sides and one on back, it measures 17 1/2" x 13" x 6 1/2" high, asking $40.

        G.E. Transformer

Canadian General Electric, 3 KVA. 1 Phase, 400 to 600 volts primary, 120 to 240 volts secondary, $120.

Megatran Electric Transformer

Megatran Electric Ltee. 3 KVA. 1 Phase, 400 to 600 volts primary, 120 to 240 volts secondary, $120.

       Aluminum Juntion Box

  All aluminium junction box with hinged lid, two threaded holes on top and one knock out hole in the bottom, it measures about 20 1/2" x 8" x 7", asking $40.

  Powerstat variable transformer

Powerstat variable transformer, Type: 116, Input Voltage: 115V ,  Output Voltage: 0-135V, Output Current Max: 7.5A ,  Max KVA: 1 ,  Made in Bristol, Connecticut, U.S.A. by The Superior Electric Company. Asking $220.

            3 Limit Switches

Two Allen Bradley 802T-H & 802T, One Square D CL.9007 limit switch, asking $30. each.

       Mine Boxes & Sensors

  Mine explosion proof boxes, some with sensors,  asking $30. to $60. each.

    Crouse-Hinds Cast Iron Boxes

  Crouse Hinds explosion proof cast iron boxes,    asking $25. each.

   Kondu Cast Iron LB-1/2"

 2 Kondu cast iron LB-1/2" with lids,                    asking $10. each.

    Vintage Metal Parts Cabinet

Vintage metal parts cabinet full of electronic parts, etc... The cabinet measures 16 1/2" x 9" x 5" with 8 drawers & it has hundred's of ohm's resistors and parts in it, (Sold)

        Antique Glass Insulators

Antique and vintage glass insulators for telegraph, telephone, electricity. In a blue green aqua glass    from 1874 to 1933.  asking $10. each.

    Vintage Glass Insulators

Vintage clear Hemingray insulators in clear glass  from 1922 to 1964, asking 5 for $20.

      Antique Bed Spring Coils

Antique bed spring coils for all your Pinterest       ideas and projects to use with the insulators,    asking 3 for $10.