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                                         Antique & Vintage Musical Instruments

               Antique Handmade Banjo

                 Antique hand made 5-string banjo, (Sold).

                Antique Bulgarian Gadulka

                 Antique hand made Bulgarian gadulka, asking $65.                                          

              Antique Peacock Tanpura

         Antique Maharaja, hand carved peacock tanpura, (Sold).

              Croaking Percussion Bullfrog

Hand carved hollowed wood percussion frog, 7 inches long. Excellent sound effects, makes Frog-Like sounds by stroking their backs with the large end of the playing stick. (Sold).

      Rosewood Xylophone Parts

 52 piece rosewood & aluminum xylophone, with all the keys marked on   them, (Sold). The frame stand to place them on is missing.

            Maracas & Twist Pellet Drum

  Pair of hand made Mexican maracas and an Indian twist pellet drum,    asking $25. for the three.

      Jewel Bluegrass Music Metal Washboard

National Washboard Co. No. 797 Jewel, it measures 15" x 7", great size for playing bluegrass music with, (Sold).

                    Antique Sarinda

Antique sarinda, hand carved instrument, only 12 1/2" by 4", asking $35.